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  1. Thanks I don't change my paper type. If the problem in chemicals can I make some change in P1 or P2 (like increase water or replenishment)?
  2. Hello I have Frontier 340, every thing was OK. now the background of ID photo is beige color, not good white. Is it paper or chemical problem? Thanks.
  3. maher

    yellow Shadow

    Hello I have Frontier 340, there is yellow shadow "attached file". I did "Main Scanning Position Adjustment" and "Laser Beam Sync. Fine Adjustment Print" but still yellow shadow exists. Can you help me to fix it thanks.
  4. Hi I have a QSS 3201 machine, so when I print, sometimes the image shows ripples (shown in the attached file). I hope you can help me solve this problem. Thanks Best Regards
  5. Hello I have Frontier 340, Digital Imaging Controller Computer with Software version 4.5, but the PC performance is very slow when I need to load and process photos , and the photos take long time to send to Machine for printing. can you help me, what the problem. Thanks
  6. Hello I have Frontier 340, everyday the machine need "G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup", today when I make G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup the result is NG and give me message "warming-up of laser not stabilized". what the problem thanks for you
  7. maher

    Fuji340 Bad photo

    Thanks for response
  8. maher

    Fuji340 Bad photo

    Hello The required information is attached to the pictures Thanks
  9. maher

    Fuji340 Bad photo

    Hello I have Frontier 340, everyday machine need laser temperature calibration, some time my photo printed as showing in attach files what the problem, can you help me thanks
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