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  1. The paper comes out with a pink hue. I have to wait a few more days for more developer before I can move forward.
  2. We get our cartridges direct from Fuji. Before we had this issue, the printer was set to CP-49E but we are using CP-49LR cartridges. So when I had the Noritsu tech check it out, he set the printer to CP-49LR to match the cartridge. I think we are only able to order CP-49LR cartridges. Can you ever replenish too much?
  3. Ok thanks, our printer CD is set to 40 ml/sq meter at 42°C, BF is 31 ml/sq meter at 40°C, STB is 215 ml/sq at 40°C. Those were the numbers we were instructed to use by Noritsu. So if the CD and BF are correct and the pumps are working, is it possible that we were sent bad replenishment cartridges?
  4. Last week Wednesday I finally got new developer, and the colors came back and they looked great. This morning (Monday) the staff turned the printer on and the daily setup looked awful. The grays/blacks were magenta/brown. I feel like the chemistry is contaminated again. The circulation pump is good, and the replenishment pump is working so I know it's not those. It's either replenishing the wrong amount or I have bad replenishment packets. Does anyone know what the replenishment amounts should be for CP-49LR or if there's anything else to check? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the replies. My control strips and unexposed paper came out pink. I've started draining the chemistry and cleaning everything. I'll leave an update when my new chemistry arrives.
  6. I have two 3702 printers, one that uses Fuji chemistry the other uses Kodak chemistry. We are printing on Fuji paper. The 3702 that uses Fuji chemistry had a major color shift to magenta in the middle of an order. I was advised by a Noritsu tech to replace the AOM. I replaced the AOM and the prints just look muddy, so a tech came out, said it was the developer. He drained the tank and put in new developer. The prints got a little cleaner, the whites still come out slightly magenta. The greens are very muddy looking. So then we flushed the stabilizer, replaced all filters, cleaned fans for the laser, scrubbed the racks and tanks, installed new pump on developer, checked outputs and temps, and updated paper profiles. Whites still look magenta and the greens look awful. We ran control strips, which came out pink, but the tech says they're in the accepted range of control. There was some confusion on developer temp, Fuji control strip says it should be ran at 45C and Noritsu says it should be at 42C. I'm now being told that it's just the difference in lasers and chemistry, which I'm finding difficult to believe. The two printers, despite having different chemistry, were very close in color. I've come to the conclusion that either the tech didn't mix the startup developer correctly or rinsed the tank out, or the developer was bad (Fuji has switch to a universal style startup). Should I start over again with fresh developer startup after thoroughly cleaning the tank, or is it possible the AOM I installed was faulty? I've attached a photo with a white leading edge that shows difference it whites and color.