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  1. Did you get any further with this? Mine has done the same
  2. I had kind of similar issues with my v30 when I was getting it going. mine were on the base side though. I changed all my low density foam rollers in the drying unit to new ones, though I couldnt find new ones noritsu specific I did find paint foam rollers in my local hardware that were the exact same dimensions! That seemed to have helped my issue as well as turning the dryer heat down.
  3. are they on the emulsion side or base?
  4. Did you get any further with this? Mine has done the same
  5. This makes sense but I was just unsure what it might have controlled. I would be happy to give this a go! Is there anywhere I would be able to download the software to put onto floppy? I recall reading about the lack time somewhere but for some reason I didn't think it applied to my machine. I think it might have been because it doesn't have the option to manually replenish the working tanks, this is why I have been running the dummy rolls though and measuring off them. Thanks for your input Dave!
  6. G'day all, I'm currently setting up a V30SM that had been run on CPAC LTN chemistry from 2001>2014. The machine is set to use the CD-W, BL, FIX-W, STB-W as the rep pumps coming from external tanks with the premixed chemistry. The problem I have encountered is when setting the rep rates for the pumps. I have done the REPLENISHMENT PUMP MEASUREMENT /& AMOUNT and entered the value of 31ml which it output for CD-W. Now starting with CD-W I have the BASIC REPLENISHMENT set at 45ml/m and REPLENISHMENT RATE at 1.00. When I'm running a 1m length of 135 through to test the output, the CD-W outputs incorrect rates. It will either put out 31ml or 62ml alternating each time. I've tried changing the BASIC REPLENISHMENT AMOUNT and even fooling it with changing the PUMP MEASUREMENT AMOUNT but this hasn't worked either. Running a strip of 120 appears to have the same pump out amount. When I changed the V30 over from 3 phase to single I spiked the PCB1, and replaced with one from a spare machine I have. Could this have anything to do with the issue described? Any help or input anyone can have will be very much appreciated!
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