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  1. The software version on all machines is the same (printer, ez controller, profile). We bet that the lasers in the machines / colorimeters are already used Where is this option
  2. I thought that this way I would calibrate the machine in the best way. Unfortunately I have already checked and it doesn't work
  3. Do you have a sample bmp file for printing? I would like to print it on a green III printer(cheat machine QSS-37) Bitmap3025.bmp
  4. Unfortunately I don't have one manual operator Ez controller. But the printers are set the same, i.e. regenerative doses, temperature
  5. Thank you for your answer. What minilab settings can affect this? Compare STRIPS
  6. We have all ceramic plate. some have about 1 year. There are 25 printers and each comes out differently in NCE. daily 1 daily 2 daily 3 compare
  7. Hi everyone, we have several printers and each of them print different colors in NCE (values at 0). The paper is registered on 117 - Crystal Archive NEW. Anyone know how to standardize them? What could it be to blame for each one working differently on the same paper? Photo
  8. is there a list of other profiles supported? he adds to the ones I have checked: - Display P3 - Apple Wide Color Sharing Profile
  9. Hello, I have a question about color profiles. From what profiles the machine is able to convert to the sRGB profile. Option checked in input profile ON (Standard sRGB / AdobeRGB). I know that the machine copes with the conversion from: - ProPhoto, - AdobeRGB
  10. CPU usage foto If it uses a processor more than a ram, it might be possible to run an EZ Controller with a GPU processor? (computing power is higher)
  11. I have Windows 10 Pro, M2 SSD, Ram 8GB 2666, i5-9600 processor. All drivers installed. An order of 400 photos will load in about 9 minutes ... that's a bit much. EZ uses only about 800mb of RAM when converting from JPG to BMP is there any way to increase the declaration of memory usage? (Probably the declared value left from windows XP x86 :D) File selection when reading the folder list (we have over 2,000 folders) needs a lot of time
  12. Hello, I have version 6.72 and would like to ask if ez controller is being developed? I mean the speed of file listing and conversion. Is it adapted to new computer equipment (processors, rams, ssd / m2) and is able to use their potential?
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