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  1. Noritsu AOM Driver for replace
  2. Hello, is it possible to connect via NetOrder / QSS Mode / HotFolder on the machines given in the title? What software do i need? Is the quality of the prints better than that of the EZ Controller?
  3. but the black and white photos show differences
  4. should I not care about the differences in NCE?
  5. what they should be Standard Replenishment Amount Setting in QSS-3704? we have: P1R - 45.0 ml/m2 P2RA - 17.5 ml/m2 P2RB - 17.5 ml/m2 It is possible that the chemistry is regenerated too much? We make about 30k photos a day on machines
  6. Our machines have good chemistry. Control strips are ok.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't have a measurement from a machine in another park. We work on chemistry Fuji CP49
  8. difference in Black Ballance from one of our machines to machines from another park. Both registered on the same profile and the same stamp.
  9. The software version on all machines is the same (printer, ez controller, profile). We bet that the lasers in the machines / colorimeters are already used Where is this option
  10. I thought that this way I would calibrate the machine in the best way. Unfortunately I have already checked and it doesn't work
  11. Do you have a sample bmp file for printing? I would like to print it on a green III printer(cheat machine QSS-37) Bitmap3025.bmp
  12. Unfortunately I don't have one manual operator Ez controller. But the printers are set the same, i.e. regenerative doses, temperature
  13. Thank you for your answer. What minilab settings can affect this? Compare STRIPS
  14. We have all ceramic plate. some have about 1 year. There are 25 printers and each comes out differently in NCE. daily 1 daily 2 daily 3 compare
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