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  1. Anthony Cabaero

    Noritsu V30 RA - Low volume film processing

    Hi Dave and Yustas, Thank you for your help. I found this extremely helpful. I'll let you know how it goes as I tweak the chemistry to deal with the low volume. Many thanks, Anthony
  2. Hello! I recently purchased a Noritsu V30 RA and I'd like to ask the communities advice on low volume film processing. I am starting a new business and expect low volume until I can build a solid client base. Can you kindly advise the minimum rolls the V30 needs to develop daily to keep the chemistry stable? Has anyone been in the same low volume situation and able to share their experience / tips? The minilab seller I purchased the machine advised 5-8 rolls per day. Additional he said if I am not able to hit these minimums, I can leave the machine on for 45 minutes to keep the chemicals stable. Does this sound accurate? Additionally, does anyone have any resources or can share their start-up and shut -down procedures and routine weekly maintenance? I am quite new to this and would greatly appreciate anyones help / feedback. I'm doing my best to scan all the forums and I apologize if I am doubling up questions. Lastly, if anyone knows any technicians or Noritsu enthusiasts in Los Angeles, please let me know. It would be great to work with someone locally to get set up properly. Many thanks, Anthony
  3. Anthony Cabaero

    Noritsu V30 RA - Suitable for Live/Work Loft?

    Thank you for the input! I really appreciate it.
  4. Hi there, I recently purchased a refurbished Noritsu V30 RA. I plan on using this machine in my shared live/work loft. The manual states, "Provide sufficient ventilation. Do not work in an enclosed place." The loft if roughly 4,500 square feet and only includes two small windows at the kitchen area. Do these machines need a certain level of ventilation or airflow? Additionally, what are your thought of using this processor in a live/work home, where people sleep? The distributor I purchased it from said it is fine to use in a work/live loft, however I would like second opinions. If you could kindly share your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Anthony