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  1. Thank you! I am trying to send you a PM but it says that you cannot receive private messages.
  2. Hello, I am trying to install EZ Controller on a Microsoft Surface Pro for our Norritsu LS600 scanner but I haven't had luck finding the software files, manuals or instructions needed for the installation. We already have the dongle. Does anyone have the EZ Controller batch? Thank you for your valuable help. Best, Emilio
  3. Hello! There has been a thudding/clicking sound coming from my developing rack in my QSF V30. After some investigating I learned that part A231675-01 was not rolling properly. It appears that the parts are swollen, and rubbing against the part beneath, causing for immobility, and therefore the sound and inability to process film rolls. I believe I need to replace the part and am looking for anyone selling it. But I also was curious if anyone knows why this is happening, or if there is another solution outside of replacing the part. I was thinking about removing the rubber sleeve with the bumps, or sanding down the bumps to allow for a smoother roll. I have attached pictures below! Please let me know what everyone thinks! IMG_20180822_155528617.jp2 IMG_20180822_155505076.jp2 IMG_20180822_155422743.jp2
  4. I have a Noritsu QSS 3011 Digital printer with the scanner attachment. Negatives inserted into the scanner (from both the 35mm and medium format film carriers) read extremely blue and require a lot of yellow added to make the prints come out correctly. I thought the issue was with the negatives themselves, but flatbed scans of several different negatives show them to be properly processed with true color. I figure it has something to do with the scanner. Thoughts on a setting I can check or remedy for the situation?
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