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  1. Happy to report after several hours of testing and lots of head scratching by chance we finally found and fixed the issue. It was a leak in the circulating 'U' heating element between the STB 1 & 2 Tanks due to corrosion, we also managed to diagnose and resolve several other issues including clogged lines and dryer problems. We have taped it up for now and everything is running fine, we will work towards a permanent fix for the hole most likely by extending and clamping the tube over it. Thankfully no electrical issues with the board per above responses, thank you all for the help.
  2. Hi thanks for the response, do you mean the float switch? I am not with the machine ATM but will report back.
  3. Hi Guys, We have recently acquired a V30 RA machine with a peculiar issue and need some assistance. The machine appears to work fine, all pumps working however the final STAB tank continuously drains to the waste tank while the machine is on before being stopped by the low level alarm. The machine otherwise holds the tank volume when powered off, just off the top of my head it seems to be a valve problem - do these have poppet valves and may it have been reversed somehow? I am unsure which I/O checks to perform to give us a better clue of whats happening however we will be taking the machine apart further in the coming days to better diagnose the problem just thought I would ask here in case it is something simple. We appreciate any help and stay safe!
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