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  1. Thanks, Dave. That's what I read in the manual. When I tried that, the error didn't go away, but I was able to clear it by pressing yes and no a couple times. That took it away and now we are up and running. Thanks!
  2. I just got my T15 in today and it has the Input Main Data error No. 052-01. I don't have the floppy disc, though. Do I have any other options?
  3. I know this is a year old, but did you ever figure this out?
  4. Getting my RA machine in this week, reading through the Z131, trying to figure out all the Flexicolor chems required for startup. I'm getting Developer Starter LORR & Developer Replenisher LORR RA Fixer and Replenisher (or should I just get the regular fix and replenisher?) What's the difference? Final rinse and replenisher Getting a little hung up on bleach too. Getting the Bleach Starter, but do I want the RA Replenisher or the Bleach III NR Replenisher? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Maxi, 've found what I needed. Thanks for the specs
  6. I'm looking for a T15 RA Operator's Manual . I have the Operator's Guide and the Service Manual already. Also, does anyone know the tank capacities on a T15 RA?
  7. Thanks, Maxi. I'm aware of the the T-15, but they don't do 120, and the V30 is much easier to find. I'm wondering what the S-1, etc, stands for on the V30. Thanks.
  8. I'm looking to buy a low-volume processor. After much research, it looks like I'm leaning toward the V30. Since Kodak has discontinued the SM chemicals I've heard it is possible to convert SM machines to RA or something Fuji calls FA. Is this still possible? Is it even worth it? I've also seen some V30S models around and can't figure out what the S stands for (not SM).
  9. Labrador

    Info on Fuji Fp350

    I really just needed tank capacities and film formats it could process. I found the information, though. Thanks.
  10. Labrador

    Info on Fuji Fp350

    Anyone have any information on the Fuji FP350 processor? I can't seem to find anything online. Is there another product name I should be looking under?
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