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  1. sanjaypawar

    passport photo problem

    Hi Dear Emrah, This seems to be a problem of fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns. Longback ago I had faced this problem. On black background small letters in white colour were not showing white. but, was showing in blue colour. You can also judge this problem. To check this, do following things. i) Create a Print file of size 4x6 with resolution of 300 dpi in Photo-shop. ii) fill it with Black colour (Background) III) Draw white lines on it From top to bottom with starting from left to right side. (New Layer) Draw 1st line of the size 1 pixel 2nd line of the size 3 pixels 3rd line of the size 5 pixels 4th line of the size 7 pixels 5th line of the size 10 pixels 6 th line of the size 15 pixels 7th line of the size 20 pixels 8th line of the size 40 pixels 9th line of the size 50 pixels 10th line of the size 100 pixels Keep noticeable distance between two lines. Write some characters/texts in white colour. Use font size 1, 2, 5,8,10, &12, IV) save it as JPG. V) Take a printont of it. Vi) observe the printout carefully. observe lines of 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 40, 50,100 Pixels. And texts written on the same. Use 20X magnification lense • Are these lines look clear White? • If yes, then there is no problem of fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns. and cause of your problem is something else. • If No, then there is a problem of fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns and this is the main reason/cause of your problem. (look for the ghost colour line is or lines are present adjucent to line edges or small font size texts are coloured) Do fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns, your problem will be solved. BEST OF LUCK !
  2. sanjaypawar

    Fuji 330 DIC-2 Software installation procedure

    Dear, " HAPPY VIJAYADASHAMI " I appriciate your valuable tieredless contineous replys. Please support me till end of this problem. Today, I will do the fresh start of software installalian again. While doing the same I will consider/follow your suggestions. once it gets in order, I'll put complete installation procedure here. still you or any reader who finds something missing in my installation procedure Please correct me.
  3. sanjaypawar

    Fuji 330 DIC-2 Software installation procedure

    Dear, I installed mini lab Software myself. The computer name of DICII is 'Fe-frontend' on which Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) is installed. while installing DIC1 while loading S2 software on DICI, there was only one option to input something being asked ( please see attached image.) and that was 'Computer name on which DICIl server will be installed or Input the computer name if there is a computer that has intraduced FMPCII'. . The only thing I didn't get is, the Backup which you mentioned. What or which type/types of Backup you are suggesting/expecting?
  4. sanjaypawar

    Fuji 330 DIC-2 Software installation procedure

    Dear, on my minilab, DIC-1 computer side following Softwares have been Installed : I) Win2000, sp4 II) system disc A1 (FR 330 / 340 Ver4.0) Ill) Software Setup disc: 'S2' and DIC-2 Computer Side following Softwares have been Installed : I) Win XP Proffessional, SP2 II) Software Setup disc: 'S2' III) Software Setup disc: 'S3' IV) Software Setup disc: 'S4' V) Software Setup disc: 'S12' after software Installation; Both computers Showed 'Installation completed' message. LAN NETWORK connection between both DIC-1& DIC-2 is ok. Ping tests are ok. Both computers Can open & share each other files and folders. For DIC-1 connection to imaging contreller gets established. DIC-1 becomes ready to receive files/data to print. But the real problem starts now, DIC-2 goes to print screen. But here only 'Print media to media' option is active and remaining all options like 'Print media to Imaging controller' and other all options are inactive. So I can not order to do photo print. I checked and tried all settings but unable to do remaining options active. This is my real problem now. Is there any software or setting Problem? Can you, help/suggest solution/remidy for this.
  5. sanjaypawar

    Fuji 330 DIC-2 Software installation procedure

    Thanks for reply. I'll go through it and will reply again. Thanks Once again
  6. How To install Fuji 330 DIC-l, (EZPC00) and DIC-2 ( FE-FRONTEND) Software with operating system is win2000. I have installation CDs A1, C4,C5,B1... S2, S3, S4, S9, S9c, S12...