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  1. Hello all! I have a few questions about our next project. Right now we have a QSS-3701 printer and a PC with XP and EZ Controller 5.80.020. The PC wont last long. Its already slow, outdated etc. Our plan is to change the whole pc itself to a newer version, and probably we would have to get a new EZ Controller, with Win10 compatibility. My questions are: - Is the actual program what we have compatible with Win10? - what would be the ideal PC setup? (processor, RAM etc) - If we have to change the EZ Controller, we would like to get some offers in PM. (we have 2, maybe 3 dongles) - if we have to get a new EZ Controller, what should i save from the previous one, to be able to work again with the printer? (so a simple backup data would do, or is it a bit more complicated than that?) Thank you for your help and answers!
  2. Hello everyone. We would like to ask about the Noritsu Green II Drylab. Our company prints pictures, calendars, small photobooks etc, and we would like to buy soon a used Green II drylab. Mostly its needed to print double sided, it would be an exchange printer - right now we have a slightly modified HP Color LaserJet CP6015xh -, and an emergency helper, if something happens our big printer, which is a Noritsu QSS-3701. The main question is: we heard some rumours about the Green II. First, its not really eligible to print double sided. Or if you somehow make it possible, one of the two sides will be dirty/spotted. And the pritner will cut 5mm from the sides. In this case, we will have an issue to make good photo books. Second, that the print head is not the best, it "dies" fast. How much pictures can you print (dont need an exact number, an approx is fine). If any of you can share their experiences with this type of printer, or you can recommend something else instead, we would be grateful. Thanks
  3. Hi. A few days ago, our Noritsu LS-1100 scanner stopped to work properly. We couldnt do any scanner calibration (light source adjusting error), and the scanned pictures are lost their true color (even before the calibration. that was our first ide, to run that). You can see that on the attached picture. Any idea how can we fix that, what is the possible problem? (RIght now we are working with another LS-1100. Turned out the boss had another one at home, in the storage. Thats working now, but who knows for how long.)
  4. EZ Controller installed EZ controller Modules too Couldnt find the Printer software, but i was able to add it to the program (copied the folder from #1 device to the new one) IP on PC is obviously diff than the other. Never tried to install it Win7, but the new station have limits, so i cant upgrade it further than XP. The problem is still the same.
  5. Hello. In my shop i want to setup another work station. One is already working, everything is fine. To the second place i installed the EZ controller for the QSS-3701 printer. Copied every file, folder, backup, saves etc from the first station. But at the second station when errors pop-up the only thing i see is the Number of the error, and the message: "Could not find the file necessary to display the printer error/attention messages." OR "The message was not found." Any idea where can i find it on the first station, or what else should i install? The EZ Controller version: 5.80.020 [111031] OS: Win. XP
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