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  1. Stefan1

    Kodak 6800

    Hi Guys, May i can asked you to share the servicemanual from Kodak 6850 with me. This will be very helpful for me. My Mailadress is stef.hef@gmail.com Thanks a lot and have a nice Weekend.
  2. Hi Pawel, unfortunatly not. Am locking for an installer or a hdd -Image yet. Maybe someone Fan provide us with the Software? thanks a lot.
  3. Hi Guys, i have now upgraded the kiosk on the hardware-site. Means I found a large screen and have more RAM. Unfortunatly i dind found the KPK+ Software. Please, May somebody can provide me with a new installer-iso ore with a system-cloned-image from a kpk+ thank you for your help guys stef.hef@gmail.com
  4. hi i am locking for the soft to. maybe someone can help in this topic? thanks guys
  5. Hi Everybody, Maybe somebody can provide me with the an install-image from kpk v8.0. My Kiosk G4xe runs with v6.1 so ist time to bring the mashine on the latest Status. This would be helpful. Thanks a lot for your support.
  6. Hello, hope someone can help me with the recovery DVD for my kpk. there is the thincentre m58p inside. this ist the kpk with the 4:3 Display. Hope somebody have it with win7? Thanks for sharing it. It will be great, if somebody have a iso or an hdd-image for me. thanks a lot. Mailadress: stef.hef@gmail.com
  7. Hi Guys, i have the same problem like lagrangerx. so i would be very thankful if someone can help me with an image of the recovery disks or with a hdd image. i have the g4xe model with the 3:4 screen - and i want to update the disk to a ssd - and at the same time i would refresh the windows to win7 or if it is possible to windows 10. so thanks for your help. my mailadress is: stef.hef@gmail.com thanks a lot.
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