October 2018

Mini Lab Help.com is now in the final stages of being handed over to new owners.

We would like to thank everyone for the support over many years and we wish the new owners all of the best to drive this web site for another 20 years. 

A sad time to say goodbye, but also a happy days as this site goes in a new direction.

Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. Stefan1

    Kodak G4 - Os Recovery/System Cd

    Hello, hope someone can help me with the recovery DVD for my kpk. there is the thincentre m58p inside. this ist the kpk with the 4:3 Display. Hope somebody have it with win7? Thanks for sharing it. It will be great, if somebody have a iso or an hdd-image for me. thanks a lot. Mailadress: stef.hef@gmail.com
  2. Stefan1

    Upgrading Kodak G4x to Win7 & Latest KPK/Apex

    Hi Guys, i have the same problem like lagrangerx. so i would be very thankful if someone can help me with an image of the recovery disks or with a hdd image. i have the g4xe model with the 3:4 screen - and i want to update the disk to a ssd - and at the same time i would refresh the windows to win7 or if it is possible to windows 10. so thanks for your help. my mailadress is: stef.hef@gmail.com thanks a lot.