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  1. Hi, anyone know of a V30 processor for sale In the U.K. ? Many thanks
  2. goldsea

    ISO FP232B pumps

    Thanks minilab service. I've got hold of one now. Thanks for the info.
  3. goldsea

    ISO FP232B pumps

    Hi, I’m looking for a recirculation pump for the Fp232b processor. Specifically the bleach pump. Black plastic that goes around the magnet. Let me know if you have one I can buy. Based in U.K. thanks
  4. Hi, I've managed to test this a bit more now. Shining an LED at the CCD the red channel never goes above 255 on the scanner sensitivity screen while the green and blue go from around 1500 to about 4995 which seems to be the maximum. So the it seems that the CCD or something after that is causing the problem. I also switched the two flat cables at the back--p31 and p30-- to see what happens and the green and blue channel showed around 200 whilst the IR channel went up to about 2000. The red stayed at nothing. (I also completely swapped the cables to make sure they weren't damaged and it shows the same results so cables seems fine.) So I'm thinking the CCD is struggling or the circuits on the CCD or the scanner control PCB. RED isnt getting amplified. It does go up to 255 from around 100 if I shine a strong red light at the CCD. I'll be very grateful for any ideas on this one! Cheers
  5. Thanks Minlab Service, I'll have a go testing this when I get the chance in the next few days. Thanks
  6. Something similar recently happened to my LS-600. I did a few scans and the colours went strange and pixelated. I tried calibrating again and it wouldn't calibrate. Got error 06322-00001. When I go to scanner sensitivity to look at the waveforms, the red channel is jumping about and very low. Green and blue look normal. And on the self-diagnosis menu I get Scanner Control PCB as No Good. So it looks like the control PCB has a problem. Does the scanner control PCB have opAmps for the colour channels on it? Does anyone know what the self-diagnosis tests do to determine if a board is bad? Thanks!
  7. Ok great, thanks for that minilab service.
  8. Hi, does anyone have a Calibration Mask for the MFC10AY they can sell? In the UK so would need shipping to there. Thanks!
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