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  1. shutter

    Dlab 2+ chemistry

    Where do You buy Chemistry to your lab?
  2. There are agitation nozzles inside the N1 rack. Sometimes they get clogged (?) and results in uneven developing. Disassemble the rack and check the holes, ca 0,7mm dia. I use to push a 0,7mm drill trough the holes and then clean out with water.
  3. "E024 = no rotation in the circulation pump." Since you mentioned that the water was very dirty please check/clean/exchange the circulation filters.
  4. Did you press the release button when you detached the cables? If you just pull out the cables small pieces of the cable shaves of an can block the light in the connectors.
  5. Sometimes you can get some more function out of the cutter motor by blowing with compressed air in to the small holes in the collector side of the motor. What happens is that the bruch dust creates a short cut inside the collector house. I have had positive results with this more than one time. It is an easy thing to do.
  6. There are one long and one short explanation to why you get perfect pictures without using the P2 process. The short explanation is that there is so much P2/BLFX in your PS3/4/5/6 tanks that it is enough to bleach and fix the photos for the moment. But all pictures that you deliver without a proper BLFX-step will have deteriorating colors. Forget Fuji's 70 year claim! If you have problems with the P2 rack working you have the problem there. The P2 have a nasty habit of producing some hard build ups in contact with the air. The exit from the P2 rack has some teeth that correspond to those on your prints. Some times a cleaning only removes the "protecting dirt" 😉 Does the processor has any problems with the transport, uneven or prints on top of each other?
  7. You have a stuck level floater in one of the processing tanks. Most likely in the DEV or BX tank. The top part of the double level switches regulate the "water evaporate correction" function. Over night water evaporate from DEV/BX. If one of those sensors/floaters is stuck in upper position (on/activated) you will get that ON/OFF/ON/OFF effect.
  8. From your description it seems to be clear that the lines comes from pressure of the paper up in the "roof" in crossover rack. Since the same happens when you replace the cross over rack you will have to check the PS3 rack. First just exchange your PS3 rack with with one of the other rinse racks. Check for marks when the paper comes out of the replace rack. If they are gone I suspect that the top middle roller in your PS3 rack has deteriorated and does not give a proper grip. I have often found pieces of rubber in the bottom of the rinse tanks from those top rollers. Happy hunting
  9. I think that it is a problem with the the valves in the PS replenisment pump.
  10. shutter

    Dlab2+ spareparts

    Hi, I have a problem with 2 agfa 2+ minilab. The rubber belts before and after the exposure section that keeps the prints i position on the drum are worn out. They are old, maybe 16 - 18 years old.Dlab I have found partsnumber for the "Belt assy top" belts, CM+98060PECK0, but not for the "belt assy bottom" belts. Does anyone got a manual with partsnumber on the lower belts? I know that it is a PAIN to exchange them, I have done it before. Thank You in andvance
  11. You have light leaking in to the paper path. Check all doors and all cover plates on the printer. Also check your ambient light.
  12. Check safety switches to processor covers.
  13. shutter

    Paper jam

    Error code please. Does some of the prints come out wet and sticking together?
  14. This is a "standard" problem with Fuji external P2 heaters. When the lab has low production the P2 chemistry forms a layer inside the tube through the P2 heater that thermally isolate the heater causing it to reach a temperature higher that 48°C with is the tripping point of the owerheating sensor. All heating and pumps are turned of until the sensor resets at approximately 36°C. Just empty the P2 process tank, losen the tubes from the heater and clean the inside with a paper towel.
  15. I have found schematics on a QSS 430L-3 that are so close to my actual circuit boards that we can understund the functions and follow the the signal paths on the Pcb's. 🤞
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