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  1. Thanks, i need all software and instructions to install. The bad thing using Windows 7 is the issue of their system recovery doesn't detect external drives. How much weight the software?. One more thing i recently install windows 8.1 so is really necessary downgrade to windows 7?. If it is will do it. You can guide step by step please.
  2. Hi everyone, i need some help. I want to upgrade or change the PC from mi QSS-3501i Plus so i have a pc with Windows 8.1 64bits. My question is what versions i need and my dongle key sentinel safenet superpro still works?. The machine still works wtih the original hardware but i want to upgrade and we have a problem with the colors at the time to print the colors of the pictures are weird. If i wanna do that(UPGRADE) what things a need(instructions, sofware and utilities). Thanks.
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