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  1. Hi guys, today I registered new paper magazine to our 3501 and noticed a huge white border on test print (about 2 m or a little bit more). On the top side of setup paper is about 2,5 mm, on the bottom is about 1,5 mm The registration marks are on wrong position 89 = 85,5 mm, 102 is on 98,5 mm, and so on ... Please see attached pictures. I have no idea what is going on? On the 178 paper are registration marks nearly on right position (+ - 0,2 mm)
  2. Dear guys, after AOM change (i must wait for a new piece because my spare was broken) happens the same. This color shift happens during the day from minute to minute, or it happens from one day to other (explanation: yesterday afternoon the photo looks yellowish like the photo on the top, and next morning the same photo with same correction values looks bluish/reddish like photo on the bottom) please see attachement
  3. Thank you. If I open the door, nothing happens. I have no color change or something else. The colors changes during the day or day after. Let me explain: I prepare one print in the morning, and i have for example +4 +2 N +1 and then in afternoon I want to print the same image with same corrections and my print looks like cold tones, missing yellows and a little bit of contrast.
  4. Dear friends, it seems to me we have similar problem with 3501. Few days ago we found a problem with dramatical color shift during the day. I don´t know exactly when it begun, because collegues operates on machines, but let me explain one of situations: The collegue starts with new order yesterday morning, have made color corrections and saved corrected files (media output) to server. On afternoon she wants to make copies of these prints and prints comes out cold (difference circa two steps of yellow density - our key differnece ratio is 2,2%) After emulsion number change (or execute daily setup) the difference is 2,5 on yellow channel (please see attached photos) I didn´t understood the thing about the magnet you wrote about - if I open the door I have warning message on screen, so please try to make detailed explanation. I have one spare AOM driver, today I will try to change it, by as I read your posts, but I'm afraid the error will be elsewhere. Thank you
  5. Dear community, today I found new problem on our 3502 - horizontal lines on prints. I tried to correct it with paper pressure operation correction, but it looks like no pressure caused banding. The lines goes randomly on prints. Please see attached scan of print. What can cause this problem? AOM? Or exposure advance unit? Thank you for your help. Viktor
  6. Dear comunity! After summer brake we want to start our 3501 plus and it´s wont start. The EZcontroller starts but could not find the processor section. The LAN is ok, with th QSS utility I can see the processor, see the status, temperatures, can start pumps with output check and so, but the sorter lamp is blinking red, the processor status is IDLE, the heaters not heating the solutinos. No error messages :(
  7. Problem is I found only these 2 CDs to our machines. I don´t understand why we have not CDs to our 3502 (we bought it new) What is the benefit of new version of system software? I must have to justify all things to my boss why to upgrade (if i´ll go to upgrade to version 12)
  8. Dear @Minilab service, sorry for misunderstood, here is my explanation: we have 4 Noritsu minilabs: - QSS 3300 (with print button) - QSS 3502 (with print button) - QSS 3501 (without print button) - QSS 3501 Plus (EZ Controller without print button)
  9. Dear Sirs, and what about our 3501 (without plus - pls see attached picture of system version)? It is not running on EZ coltroller, but there is no print button too. Can I install it to this system, and how? Thank you.
  10. Dear @Dave S, I understand your opinion, this situation is our workflow fault. We uses QSS 3xxx machines till 2004 and my boss learned to "see" the final print as is. The color and density corrections are made just in Noritsu (no photoshop or lightroom - captured only to JPG files directly) and when he make a decision about lightness and color tonality of final print, he need to see whole print as is (force of habit). He want to see not just a faces but background too.
  11. Thank you @Dave S but the point is, I need to see the whole print (school class photography with small faces on 13x18 cm print)
  12. Ugh, and how can I workaround this? It´s most important to us to see the same print with various correction values to decide which is good for us, and the reloading the same file is about time wasting
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