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  1. Well, you can't get any more reliable than just calling the Noritsu office in Los Angeles and ordering direct.
  2. This is the S900SA setup not a QSS minilab. I already swapped the CS1's stand alone PCB into a different and better computer that I built. I was just wondering what the power requirements of the S3 was so I can take it off the original desk it comes on and toss it in the trash. The sticker says 220v but it has a standard 3 prong computer plug like on a HS1800.
  3. Does anyone know if the power supply in the S3 is "generic" and capable of running off standard US 110v power or is the power supply in the S3 dumb and needs 220v? I'm trying to "deconstruct" my S900SA in a more aesthetic installation. I've already built a new CS1 workstation using gigabyte motherboard, faster CPU and SSD hard drive using a standard PC power supply on 110v and would love to have the scanner plugged into my standard APC battery backup so I can ditch the big ugly desk/cabinet/powersupply thing.
  4. I can't find any documentation. Can I use an 120AFC-1 on a S3?
  5. Thank you so much, you're a lifesaver. It's the S-900SA setup (CS-1 workstation and S3 scanner without capacity booster module). So it sounds like it's time to hit the eBay and find a quality G31 chipset that has supported Win2K Pro drivers. Get the PC up and running on Win2k, install the PCI card, the SA900 software/drivers, and I should be back in business? I might end up contacting you in the near future about that virtual capacity booster once I'm back running.
  6. My motherboard died and I use the workstation to scan with a S3 film scanner with the J391307 interface board and the SA900/SA1700 software. I do not print or have a wet lab, just the S3 film scanner. Is it possible to upgrade to a "newer" consumer motherboard and still have everything function? I did some searching and on an old post someone said and I quote " I saw Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L working on QSS3202". I'm not sure if that applies to my setup. I also read that if I can get the version 10 of the SA900/SA1700 software I can also run Windows XP? That would be a huge upgrade in performance. Thanks for helping
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