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  1. Open the mat and clean it inside, but I was not successful. So we turned off the frontier at 18:00, and the other day in the morning when we called the problem disappeared. Funny, but now everything is fine with the machine. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi guys !! Transvers sorter operation (M811D813) abnormal. I have this problem in the machine, after leaving an order, the belt turns three times. How can I solve?
  3. Hello people, in the past i used ms01 3.1 with frontier 340 + DL600. Now I want to use the frontier 570 + DL600. I'm not finding the LP5700 in ms01 in the output devices / system configuration option. What I need to do?
  4. dudao

    E-2620 Frontier 570

    Hello we found the solution to the problem. You really helped us a lot. The problem was in the SSR relay (photo attached) we changed it and now it is working normally. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. dudao

    E-2620 Frontier 570

    I got a PAC23 card to test, tomorrow I do the tests and tell you what happened. thanks for the help for now.
  6. dudao

    E-2620 Frontier 570

    how do I do this jump? is this board?
  7. dudao

    E-2620 Frontier 570

    I already did this cleaning friend
  8. dudao

    E-2620 Frontier 570

    Hello friends, how are you. I need your help. This morning, when starting the frontier 570, there was this error. I've already cleaned the tanks and the resistors. But the error still remains.
  9. Hello guys, I see that in the forum there are several problems of DX100 printer, but I did not find one that is similar to mine. I installed the DX100 drivers all right on windows, but I can not find it in MS01, it does not appear in the list like the other developers. How can I add it? (I tried in another ms01 4.2 and it also did not work). Thank you.
  10. Hi Guys ! I'm having a backprint problem and would like some help. You can see that the backprint settings are all correct, but the backprint is not printing. I replaced the ribbon correctly with a new one. I'm suspicious that it's a part problem. Has anyone had a problem like this? Thank you.
  11. after the exchange of paper brand still did not wash the tanks and racks, because they stopped coming out dirt on the fujifilm paper. We only washed the last 3 tanks for the stabilizer. In the future when doing the cleaning I will post here the results.
  12. Friends, We have not done the cleaning for lack of time, but something crazy happened rsrsrs ... We changed brand of glossy paper. Before, we used kodak paper and now we're with fujifilm. And it's not messing up the paper ... Very strange!
  13. Hi, thank you very much for the help. I'm going to do the tests and come back to say the results in the future. Thanks.
  14. Hi friends, how are you? I have a dirt problem on paper. Every morning, my first photo revelations on glossy paper become dirty. When the machine is producing, this does not happen, but if it runs out of production for about 10 minutes, again the first pictures will be dirty. I've done all the cleaning of the racks, put all the new chemicals, did not solve. I will attach a photo of the first sheet of paper condition setup for you to analyze If you can help me, I'm very grateful. Happy 2019 !!!
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