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  1. Repair? Here, in Italy, technicians speaks only of replace.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Replace the laser is too expensive for me, maybe I'll invest in a dry printer, what do you think about it?
  3. Hello. I work with minilab Fuji Frontier 355. When I turned it on, it displays the following error: E-2521 “G laser (G-SHG) current exceeded. Consult your technical representative”. The technician has only one answer "Laser broken, change the laser”. But it costs a lot to replace the laser. Looking in the forum I found a similar problem “E-2522 Excessive B (B-SHG) laser current detected”. I logged in using the "secret" password (miya). I found this datas: -PD current setting 0,00 to 200.00 “63.19” µA- -Temp. adjust setting 13.00 to 37.00 “22.70” C°- I reduced "63.19" to “56.32”. After that the printer worked all day. But the day after it displays again signal E-2521 and this appears each new restart. Reducing the value by a few points the printer starts again, but in this way I will soon set the value zero. I know the laser is probably dying, but it is really too expensive to replace it, considering the age of the printer (14 years old). I'm thinking of switching to a dry printer system, but it would be useful for me to work some more time with the Frontier 355. I also wonder: if you just need to change a small value to let the printer work, is the laser really broken, or some sensor has gone crazy? Can someone help me by suggesting a cheap solution? Thanks in advance.
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