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  1. bodysuitman

    ISO FP232B pumps

    Wow thank you Minilab service...fantastic knowledge and information!! I think we may try to add another pump for N1
  2. bodysuitman

    ISO FP232B pumps

    Thank you, I wonder if the problem is fixable on our current pump? No leaking or cracked plastic, just weak circulation to N1 most importantly. Our Fuji tech told us to find a replacement but it seems almost impossible. Maybe we could add a new pump like the green one for n3?
  3. bodysuitman

    ISO FP232B pumps

    HI All, Also looking for a FP232B replacement circulation pump. Part number 133G03125 ( 133G03125S 133G03125T ) If anyone knows of any around the world please let me know. Located in Australia thanks!!
  4. I am stuck on 'E83 ns1 temperature abnormal'. I've tried swapping over heater and other parts and can't seem to figure out what is causing it.
  5. Hey Yustas, We have the parts list, the pre-installation manual and the installation manual. Is there any others for the fp230b?
  6. Does anybody know how to do a factory reset of the software system on the fp230b? ( or similar) Can't find an option in any of the menus or sub menus..
  7. Hey, I'm working on getting a fuji fp230b back to life. I'm having a few errors come up. Does anybody know where I can find a list of error codes and their meanings? There's nothing in the installation manual or pre-installation manual. Also should there be another manual with this machine, like a standard operating manual?
  8. Hey, Im having the same issue. How did you fix this? Also where is the tank temperature recorded??
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, considering buying a used Fuji FP230B film processor. I can see it's one of the older fuji processors, what is everybody's view of it? Are parts hard to find? Still ok to run despite its age? Does anybody have a manual or brochure I could see? I may have access to another machine to use for parts. Cheers in advance,
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