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  1. For the last few months, prints sometimes come out with edges that are not cut perfectly. They have a few small dents right on the edge. A few days ago, I tried to print, and a loud sound came from the area where the paper feeds. It sounded similar to the normal sound of the paper feeding, but much louder. The print still came through, but the next print got jammed. Now, every time I try to print from the B side, it makes this loud sound. Afterwards, when I check the edge of the paper in the magazine, it is torn and bent. This only happens on the B side, and the A side works perfectly fine. So, I think the problem is that the cutter blade needs to be replaced. I have the parts list for the printer, but I'm not sure exactly what part I need to get. Is it H076026-00? What is the difference between the Manual Cutter Unit and the Cutter Unit? Or maybe the problem is not the blade? I appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  2. A couple of weeks ago, I was getting this error along with several others (mostly Image Processing PCB and Arcnet communication error). They would come and go randomly. Sometimes I could print with no problem, but only for a few hours at most until the errors returned. It gradually got worse and worse. I suspected it was a problem with one of the connections to the Laser control PCB or image processing PCB. I removed and refit all of the connections, but the problem was not going away. Finally, I removed some dust from the laser control area, and cleaned and refit the RAM on the PCB. This seemed to have solved the problem. The printer ran for 6 days with no issues at all. Today, this Laser Control PCB error has returned. I was printing normally when all the sudden the printer became unresponsive. It stopped printing completely. I restarted and got the error after initializing. I have restarted several times, but I keep getting this same error. What could the problem be?
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