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  1. Hello guys! I have a Noritsu D703 operating with EZ Controller version 5.80.020 and since a time ago, i've started to deal with some troubles (sensor error, backup error, decurl motor, etc..). In my opinion it's more like hardware problems (second hand equipment) but i also had been told that it could be because my pc is not running only ez controller but other programs/apps that could affect it's performance, so the computer must have only ez controller installed, no program else. I found it a curious argument, could this be true?
  2. I've opened service module and entered this password by pressing [F] + [-1]. Nothing happened. Did i do something wrong?
  3. Hello guys! My Noritsu D703 is constantly showing errors in detecting magazine paper and i'm about to open it and see if there's any problem going on with decurl motor, sensor or anything like that. In order to do that, i know its recommended to disable these components using service password, so i'd be very grateful if someone could tell me this.
  4. That confirms what another member has told me. Thanks for the information.
  5. Hello.. Any news about that issue? Is there anyone who uses dx100 with epson order controller? Thanks..
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