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  1. Hi All, We need photo paper without watermark, Do you know any companies who can sell high quality paper without watermark? Thanks
  2. Hi, We have a website for photo printing service and We are planning to improve our production line with fuji frontier 570 minilabs (at the beginning 2 minilabs). My questions is about automating printing photos for example order 101 have 30 photos order 102 have 30 photos. I dont want to send these jobs over Frontier own program i want to copy these to a lan folder and minilabs will automatically print these orders as an two order (we are planning to get 500 orders per day so we need to automate). Am i clear i dont know but my problems is this is this possible? About my research to solve my problem i read something about "hot folder" am i on the right way? Thanks for your helps
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