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  1. Hi, Can anyone please help? I am wanting to know what chemicals I need to fill the tanks of our Fuji Frontier 355 from sart up (zero chemicals in the tanks now). I think I need to order 3x Dev start up (CP-48SII P1) and 3x bleach fix start up (CP-48SII P2), but can someone let me know what I fill up the stabaliser tank with? Also has someone please got any mixing instructions? I can find it in the manual, or online, and even Fuji UK cannot help me !!! Many thanks, regards Michael.
  2. I actually found what the problem is !!! Our machine was printing every print 4-5mm short in length, even an upkeep test print !!! I only found this by chance when I received another test strip from another lab to see if our densitometer read that one !!! It did !!! I’ve now got to find out how to get our prints the correct size (4-5mm linger) !!
  3. Hi, can anyone help? No matter what paper width or cassette used, all the prints coming off our Fuji Frontier 355 are all 4-5mm short in length. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, thank you for the reply. The correct densitometer is set on the mini lab computer, so it’s definitely not that unfortunately 🙁
  5. Hi, We have a Fuji Frontier 355, and a SP3000 scanner. When running an upkeep print through the densitometer, it comes up with “Error” on the densitometer. I took the densitometer to another lab I know and it works fine on their machine, but using their cable. I thought our cable must be damaged so I bought a brand new cable, but the problem is exactly the same!!! Can anyone help? This is the first time the machines have been set up in our new lab, but they were working from the place we bought them from. Will this be a software problem, or a pcb board problem ? Any ideas anyone? Many thanks, regards Michael.
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