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  1. no way to communicate with the printer with epson software. maybe there is a procedure, a series of operation, that allows the initial connection with the printer, and then the wrinting of a new firmware. maybe the service manual could describe that. in any case, it's not convenient for me to change the original firmware with the epson one. furthermore I couldn't find the fuji firmware, so my hopes for a self-fix seem unlikely. thanks anyway, and still hoping and waiting that someone has a solution.
  2. you're so kind to write such a really fast answer! I will try in the next days and then I'll keep up to date with the result, 'cause someone else might be interested. thank you very much! anyway, I'm waiting for other suggestions too!
  3. hello everybody! I have a Fuji Frontier-S DX100 and I had to reinstall drivers, and as you know, at the end of the procedure, the installer software updates the printer firmware too. unluckily in the same very moment an issue occur with electricity, and the printer stays with all lights always on, as if it was in the middle of the firmware update, and does not communicate anymore through the USB connection. does anybody know a way to rewrite the firmware? I hope that someone will be so kind to give me some help and solve this situation. thanks!
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