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  1. Does anyone have 120 Cassette for V30 for sale? I can't justify the price on Ebay. Thanks in advance.
  2. Is this what you are referring to? (sorry I cant seem to upload photos in the private message)
  3. Hi Dave, actually it did but the manual did not state the obvious. Its actually also my fault for not examining the board carefully before installation. So I could not see the socket after it was already installed. So many many thanks for this! Honestly we are still clueless as the unit arrived without any documents or software other than the simple and incomplete conversion instructions.. Aside from that, the UPS busted up the unit quite badly. More examinations to do. Refering to LVDS we need to remove, can you kindly show me which one? Which is ARCNET cable? Thank you very much for any help you can spare. Somphon
  4. We did, but so far they can't tell us. The manual for the conversion they provide is very basic and missing information. For example, the firewire connector. One side is obviously to connect to the computer, but we cant see any socket to connect it to the PCB board. It was not stated in the manual. Also the manual simply state remove optical fiber cable and lvds cable not reuse. But it does not mention which one as it says to reconnect all the connector in the instruction previous. Can you help?
  5. Hi Does anyone have experience converting S4 to HS-1800? We have the conversion kit but the manual is incomplete. We now have an expensive furniture sitting in our lab. Any help is appreciated. Somphon
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