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  1. +1 for concave rollers then. This would also support my thesis that the racks are best kept permanently dunked in chemistry. I've heard from some that they like to take the racks out, rinse them and let them dry in the air when the machine is not in operation for several days.
  2. I see. I will probably proceed in that order: Shorten the rubber coating and if it doesn't work, remove it and smooth out the plastig ridges. At the same time I will search for suitable concave rollers. It will probably not be possible to use the original part because it is no longer sold. And a used part will have the same problem sooner or later. For some reason the top rollers are much more sensitive.
  3. @Dave S Maybe the elevations can be smoothed out. Do the concave rollers of the other racks fit or do they have to be adjusted? If so, I'd have to see if I could find some. @kodak_service In principle yes, but my concern would be that over time other parts of the decaying rubber would come off and swim around in the tanks.
  4. The first two rubberized wheels in the developer rack of my Noritsu V30 are swollen and can't turn anymore. Now it occurred to me whether it was sufficient to simply remove the rubberized coating? The film is pulled through with the leadercards anyway and the rest of the reels are in top condition. Does anyone have experience with this?
  5. Hi! Is it possible to export/import a scanning job (order) with its .RAW files to another PC running EZ?
  6. I expect the delivery of a used 120 AFC-II carrier soon. But my HS-1800 has no calibration data. How can I adjust the carrier without the tools used by Noritsu technicians? Can I approach the focus "manually" - and/or are there other values that need to be adjusted? Thanks!
  7. I need to correct myself: I do have the 'Digital Service Selection' screen. But the only service displayed is 'Scan'. Are the settings hidden there? None of the passwords I know work.
  8. Hi! I am using an SP-3000 in standalone mode with PIC 2.6. Is there a way to trigger the 'Digital Service Selection' screen on the SP-3000 - in order to select 'FREE EXPORT JPEG'? Because right now it just saves TIFF and I have to export them via the PIC 2.6 interface as JPEG - or just copy the TIFF to an external harddrive. I have seen others with C4/C5 or MS01 using that very screen to specify what they want their output to be before scanning. Is this also possible with my PIC 2.6 setup. If yes, what do I have to do? Thanks!
  9. It's working! I connected the machine to the power supply as a test today. Everything starts as it should. Many thanks to all of you!
  10. I will. Thanks! From what I can see, J66 and J67 remain at the same position, right?
  11. The pictures show what the wiring was like when I got the device. Obviously not connected to power yet.
  12. Thanks. That's what I thought. Just for clarification as this is a technical term. Single-phase 2-wire actually means 3-wire if you count the ground wire (E) as well, right? Another thing: The manual recommends a cable cross-section of AWG 14 (2mm²). Seems to be a bit on the conservative side. 1.5mm² should be enough, or am I missing something? EDIT: Just to clarify: He used it at 230/50Hz without(!) changing the wiring. Quite interesting.
  13. Hi! I got a used V30 delivered 2 days ago. On the attached certificate it says that the unit is set for 3-phase 4-wire with 380V and 50Hz. A look inside and comparison with the layout in the manual shows that the information is correct. However, the seller is sure that he has operated it at 230V/50Hz. Probably with single-phase 2-wire. Could that be? Can I do that as well? We also have a 230V/50Hz power grid (Europe). I can upload images of the PCB if needed. Thanks in Advance.
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