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  1. I expect the delivery of a used 120 AFC-II carrier soon. But my HS-1800 has no calibration data. How can I adjust the carrier without the tools used by Noritsu technicians? Can I approach the focus "manually" - and/or are there other values that need to be adjusted? Thanks!
  2. I need to correct myself: I do have the 'Digital Service Selection' screen. But the only service displayed is 'Scan'. Are the settings hidden there? None of the passwords I know work.
  3. Hi! I am using an SP-3000 in standalone mode with PIC 2.6. Is there a way to trigger the 'Digital Service Selection' screen on the SP-3000 - in order to select 'FREE EXPORT JPEG'? Because right now it just saves TIFF and I have to export them via the PIC 2.6 interface as JPEG - or just copy the TIFF to an external harddrive. I have seen others with C4/C5 or MS01 using that very screen to specify what they want their output to be before scanning. Is this also possible with my PIC 2.6 setup. If yes, what do I have to do? Thanks!
  4. It's working! I connected the machine to the power supply as a test today. Everything starts as it should. Many thanks to all of you!
  5. I will. Thanks! From what I can see, J66 and J67 remain at the same position, right?
  6. The pictures show what the wiring was like when I got the device. Obviously not connected to power yet.
  7. Thanks. That's what I thought. Just for clarification as this is a technical term. Single-phase 2-wire actually means 3-wire if you count the ground wire (E) as well, right? Another thing: The manual recommends a cable cross-section of AWG 14 (2mm²). Seems to be a bit on the conservative side. 1.5mm² should be enough, or am I missing something? EDIT: Just to clarify: He used it at 230/50Hz without(!) changing the wiring. Quite interesting.
  8. Hi! I got a used V30 delivered 2 days ago. On the attached certificate it says that the unit is set for 3-phase 4-wire with 380V and 50Hz. A look inside and comparison with the layout in the manual shows that the information is correct. However, the seller is sure that he has operated it at 230V/50Hz. Probably with single-phase 2-wire. Could that be? Can I do that as well? We also have a 230V/50Hz power grid (Europe). I can upload images of the PCB if needed. Thanks in Advance.
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