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  1. Yes will do. I am confident that a new CCD will solve the problem. My thought is that since the lines are horizontal and vertical and are either white or black, they are probably defective pixels that cannot be corrected. Most of the time, these pixels "infect" the following pixels, creating lines. Theoretically it could also be the CPZ23 board, but I don't think so. GSR23 and GIE23 will certainly not be the cause. And I have tested all other relevant boards. Have you ever had the experience with the error code E-4750 and the like? Do you think I am right with my diagnosis?
  2. Ah ok. So this might be more important if you change the whole assembly including the zoom lens, rather than just the CCD on top. Good to know.
  3. I know, but what is optical magnification actually? Focus?? As I said, I have tried loading different mag calib from another scanner. It didn‘t affect the outcome visibly. So what is it good for? I mean you need that massive jig to perform, so how can it be that a ‚borrowed‘ calib file works just as well?
  4. Found it. Will try to swap CCD with that file. Don't have a focusing jig, but I replaced the mag_calib.bin from my scanner with a different one and can't spot a difference. What is this calibration actually good for? Do you know?
  5. I know, but I wanted to make sure I export the correct .bin file for CCD replacement. Just checked it - so I don't need the parameter FD.
  6. Does anyone by any chance know the file name of the pixel refraction parameters of the CPZ23 board? Is it PZR_ADJ.BIN?
  7. Have replaced GMB23 today - no change. But I remembered that - some months ago - I performed a grey pixel detection and it gave me an error E-4570. I didn't investigate further cuz the scans looked fine at that time. Seems as if my CCD is faulty. Pretty much doomed I guess.
  8. UPDATE: For some reason no lines on 6x7 scans .. have scanned 40 images so far. Maybe coincidence. Have tested new GPA23, GIA23 and new RAM DIMMs. Still lines on my scans. Also, have had a perpendicular(!) line on one of the frames too. For some odd reason, this line was on the very same image in a completely different run. Slightly different spot, but yeah. Only perpendicular line .. doesn't make any sense to me. Next would be GMB23 I fear.
  9. Can some of the admins pls move mirastudio's conversation into a new thread. Okay, so I've tried scanning with ICE turned off and smaller scan size. No change. Also tried changing SLOT for GPA23. - Will get my hand on GPA23, GIA and new RAM soon to try out other stuff.
  10. Thx for your quick reply! Is it possible that either GPA23 or DIMM is broken even though diagnostic check didn't find anything? Will definitely try out working with only one DIMM. Don't have a second GPA23 board unfortunately. What exactly do you mean by 'is programmable'? What would I have to do in order to change it? Apart from physically changing it.
  11. Hi! I am experiencing weird lines on my scans (width: 1px) - about 4 to 6 percent of my images are affected. Already run diagnostic check for GPA23 and DIMM - everything normal. Opened Imaging Box and removed dust and cleaned contacts. No change. Any ideas what this could be?
  12. Where can I change the print size on the PIC 2.6? As far as I know, changing scanning size on SP-3000 is sufficient when working with PIC 2.6. And why does it work with some entries without adjustments on the PIC?
  13. Hi! So I am running into an issue with the print size setup of my SP-3000 (stand-alone A 1.8 + PIC 2.6). I have several custom print sizes that work perfectly. Yesterday I tried to add a new one (203.2 x 304.8) as medium resolution for 135 film. Whenever I try to use this resolution the software - right after feeding my film in - changes the print size to the menu item above (which happens to be a size set up for medium format film). I can happily choose 8x12 as a print size and even replace another print size with my new entries. But for whatever reason I can't get the first one to work. Have tried restarting it. Is there some sort of logic behind print sizes I am not aware of? A certain order you have to follow?
  14. @davidlam Not yet, but I may have the opportunity to purchase one locally. I'll contact you if that doesn't work out.
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