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  1. proqress

    MS01 10.0 Users

    It offers windows 10 and most importantly x64. So all modern users should switch if it’s available for them.
  2. proqress

    MS01 10.0 Users

    Most users complains about It’s wrongly placed buttons. In order list page you may find Image Settings, e.g. Image import is a very big issue. No previews, no attributes, no metadata. If you are using full hd monitor, It abruptly shows 6-frame with big gray spaces. There are issues with english. They used wrong words due they went on Japanese to English. No plugins or dev SDK. I can design and implement this UI in a day with .NET, maybe better one. I have many words that I can’t remember. I don’t want blasting effects or confettis. Just a proper software. It shouldn’t be that hard. No official documentation has provided to me though.
  3. proqress

    MS01 10.0 Users

    Hi, I acquired MS01 10.0 and other optionals today freshly. By my first impressions, It’s same! I wonder why fujifilm is not updating this look... Windows 10 is huge step for performance and compatibility with brand new update. Any other users that we can share experience?
  4. Sure, he anyway needs manual. I just wanted to state it before he get the manual.
  5. You can’t install it to x64. You should use Win7 x86 (32-bit)
  6. Is the DH100 a code name of DE100? I already have MS01 with MSP48 + MSP80 so I know It’s the native solution. I heard about Darkroom etc. which includes direct drivers. What about them? Also does DE100 have special tools for maintenance etc.?
  7. Hello everyone, DE100 and DX100 owner here. I'm trying to get DE100 work for a few weeks. I want system to become cutting edge since I like leading in industry. I have already done many e-mailing with many software provider. Any suggestions for softwares/tools that I can use?
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