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  1. Finally after searching and trying all the menus and trying all the possible configurations I finally found the solution ! I go to to film carrier ID setup/Deletesetup and maintenance 04 carrier adjustmentthen 0450 film carrier ID setup/delete without any carrier installed then I select HD Backup. After this I can performe 321 menu. I scanned 100 slides and everything worked perfectly. I especially thank Minilab service for its help. Thank you.
  2. I apologize for the errors but I work alone in my store and goes through Google translate at the same time to respond and made typing errors could get me mixed up with the references. I put a number of good negative and reversible films and when I do Ok at the bottom of the 321 menu I go back to the 03 Scanner Adjustment/Maintenance menu with the W-4806 message. I validate Ok and still the same problem?
  3. Tank you for your detailled. I did the manipulation in menu 0331 with my slide mask under cache. I installed a color negative with an image on it in a slide cache. What do you mean regular? A negative with a well-exposed photo, a blank or neutral grey negative, a target? Sorry but I don’t understand this English term.
  4. FMPC MS01 3.0 connected on LP5700. This is exactly notified on the SP Ver.Scanner: 3.0-AE-822. I have performed all these operations but the focus adjustment seems not to be done properly.Since I made this adjustment I have two error messages at the start of the scanner (see image attached). Then everything works normally except my new manual mask.
  5. Excuse me: slide mask !
  6. Yes MFC 10AY with solide mask on SP3000 and FMPC MS01 v3.2 installed. All work correctly with NC 100AY carrier!
  7. Hi, Thank you very much for your answer. I use google translation because my english is very bad. Should we put a special film or a special target? I did everything with negative film and then a slide. always have the W-4336 message in the draw interface. I can perform menu 420 but the carrier is not recognized in menu 424 (error 4332) and 450 (error W-4336). On the other hand, in the menu 422 MFC-10Y input check it is recognized with the CID number, I do not understand !!!
  8. Hello, I just bought used uu screenshots MFC 10Y with the slide mask under caches for my SP3000. In the service menu it is not recognized and in the software a message tells me that it is necessary to adjust the focus. Could someone help me and give me the installation procedure? Thank you for your help.
  9. Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter d'occasion uu passe-vues MFC 10Y avec le masque diapo sous caches pour mon SP3000. Dans le menu service il n'est pas reconnu et dans le logiciel un message m'indique qu'il faut régler la mise au point. Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider et me donner la procédure d'installation ? Merci pour votre aide.
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