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  1. So... We found the problem. The main board(MCU board - CTL00) had a problem. I don't know what is the problem, if i had some time to digging in this board maybe will find it. We replace it(second hand main board of cource from other machine that is disasembled for parts) reinstal software and the machine now working fine.
  2. Hello, We had a problem with Fuji SFA and looking for help/advice how to solve it. The story is a few days ago we starting the machine, but it does not working, buzzer sound uninteruptible. Keyboard is not active. the display show only shown on attached picture. We replace battery with new one, check all power supply voltages - everything is ok. When plug the machine to power, machine try to read something from it's floppy disc, zummer start to sounding, and display show this... We try to reinstall machine software - same behavior. after that we check and replace floppy device with another one, that we take from working machine - same behavior. We try with another diskette, also - same. What we need to do next?
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