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  1. Hello.My filter Calibration balance:Y:-027 M:+269 C+278
  2. Oh I am very sorry I didn't reply your post.I will try it according to your answer.Thank you very much for your help
  3. Hello.My 2611 has a probelm now.If the color of the negative is correct.It can print right color photo.If the negative is Yellowish.I can't calibrate the yellowish by the filter even the Y is -10.But the M and C is normal.When I do the daily setup.The minilab also can't calibrate the Y value.I checked the Y filter motor.It's ok.What's wrong with the minilab?
  4. Hello everyone.My fuji sfa238 hasn't been used for a long time. I recently turned it on and when the temperature reached about 30 degrees, it display error 6656 and stopped heating.What's wrong with my 238?
  5. But the display shows the right correct value about the color
  6. The grey part of the test print is always yellowish even if i did the daily setup many times
  7. no,only the grey part is yellowish
  8. I did the daily setup again and again.All of the test print is yellowish
  9. Hello everyone.When I do the daily setup.The first correction is "y"-4.3.So I did it again and again.The correction is also "y"-4.5 which is a large number.The color of the test print is also not right. How can I do for it?
  10. hello.the paper movement direction is parallel with the white strip.i use it to print negative not digital
  11. hello everyone.now paper made by my 2611 have some thing wrong like the attach picture.there is a white strip in my picture.it looks like get more exposure than other zone.what's wrong with my 2611
  12. When I was working on daily setup, my 2611 prompted the following errors. I checked my print lamp was new and the mirror is right.what's wrong with my 2611?
  13. Hello, everyone. I started my Fuji 238, the screen showed the following picture. How should I deal with this problem?
  14. Hello, everyone, I have a noritsu QSS-2611, but I don't know how to use it. If you have a manual.Please send to my mailbox 522256344@qq.com, thank you very much!
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