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  1. Ok, so pulled PCB 2 and checked behind the board, clean and nice, looks in great shape. Pulled all the pins on those connectors and cleaned them up, didn't solve the original problem but at least I've got it starting again, couldn't even get the one back in before. Guess we're onto service mode, hopefully I'll find something there.
  2. Funny you should mention PCB2 and spillage, just before I left on friday I tried popping the two connectors up there on the top right, (driver motor and something else) out and they were pretty stuck in, corroded and black looking. Going to try pull the pins out and clean them all up and I'll double check the back of the board as well. They were bad enough I couldn't even get them back in right. Hopefully that'll be it. I'll let you know.
  3. Hi again guys, I took another look at things and if I'm looking at the same breaker you were mentioning Dave then I don't think it's tripping, as you mentioned this is the main and the control board remains powered during the failure. I took some videos to demonstrate the problem, don't worry they're short no more then 5 min. or so total. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's one of the initial startup issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w5VRADfV5k This one shows the screen occasionally going screwy during the above start up issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epBTrW24Qn4 And then finally after it gets running this one demonstrates the Drive Motor Switch Problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6hHoOzllbU -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks in advance for taking a look and I hope it is helpful.
  4. A few more details, I get a steady 120V to the DC Supply as well even when the switch is flipped. The control board is getting a steady 5V as well. The only thing that stops it from rebooting when the switch is flipped is if I disable the 5V to the control board, if I do that the blower fan comes on automatically when the machine is powered. Also the driver does activate and work fine when the switch is flipped but the pumps for the chemicals all shut off. It will still run the film leader through it just fine. Thanks again for any hints.
  5. Hi again guys, So I still haven't had much luck isolating what is a likely short. The only real change I've noticed is that if I disconnect the jumper for the blower heater the device just flickers please wait once maybe twice quickly on the screen and doesn't start up, seems odd that disconnecting it would worsen the problem. Getting steady 23.5V out on three of the red lines leaving the DC Power Supply Board, not sure if they're all supposed to be live. The white power resistors in the center of the Main Power Board are pretty damn hot, not necessarily unusual for power resistors but the other bank along the bottom of the board is just warm so I figured I'd ask. Something else, I didn't know this before but when you first start it it flickers the please wait for 5 - 10min before actually warming up and staying on. Figured there might be a power supply issue but they seem to be ok. Know of anything else that activates with the drive motor switch? I've pretty much disconected every jumper one at a time to isolate things with no luck. Thanks again.
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for giving some good ideas on where to look next. I've tried some of that, but definitely those dryer parts would make good sense. I didn't check any heaters as I figured seeing that I had to wait for the chemicals to be heated before getting to driver motor stage that they'd be working fine, didn't know the dryer one came of after, good tip. I'll try get back in there soon and cross some of these off the list. Thanks again.
  7. Hi guys, I'm a repair tech in a smallish town and I'm trying to fix an old Noritsu QSF-T15. This isn't the sort of equipment I usually work on but there isn't really anyone specifically qualified so I'm giving it a go . Hoping someone on here remembers these things and may have encountered this problem before. The unit starts up fine and goes through all the usual start up checks and options, once everything is heated up the display says to turn on the driver motor switch, as soon as you do the unit shuts down (all the red lights on Power PCB 2 go out). If you leave the switch on it'll turn back on and then shut down again and continue looping like this. Once you shut the switch off it'll reboot and stay on and go back through normal startup. Here's another strange thing if you leave the switch on it'll get to that point and then just pause there operating normally until you flick the switch off and then back on, and then it fails. I've tried isolating different components looking for shorts as that was my first impression when I first encountered it, disconnected the drive motor, then the drive motor control board specifically with no change. Any ideas what to check or do next? Thanks, John
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