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  1. tom008

    strange line on prints

    Thank you so much Maxi.😃
  2. tom008

    strange line on prints

    Than you Maxi, I attached another pic here to show the paper movement direction.I believe the line happen on same side of all 10in paper prints. The problem only happen on 10in paper. thank you again I will check today.
  3. Hi guys, I have a problem with my fuji 375 recently. There is a strange line on all 10in paper prints.(8x10 ,10x15 etc.) however on the 5in paper prints everything is fine.please take a look at the attached photo( see the red arrow). I have never have this issue before. I am very much appreciate any help. And be safe everyone.
  4. I am still scratching my head about F-Di reg failed then I notice the lower paper magazine disappeared. OMG, minilab drive me crazy. Many many thanks for helping.
  5. thank you so much, Minilab service, I learned a lot from you , really appreciate.
  6. I got this message show up when running FMPC. " FDi device registration failed " Thank You
  7. tom008

    software question

    Great appreciation to you Minilab Service, I found the ff1394Lab.dll like you said . but I still dot get it what is "dynamic link libirary CMemMan.dll could not been found" I installed few times and everytime it show up. when it show up software stop syarting up.
  8. When I was installing FMPC software, it went smooth about OS software however after complete installation of the FMPC software, I got this message then software stop starting up. Please help and thank you . and
  9. tom008

    software question

    Thank you for reply. please dont laugh at me, I dont know excatly how to make an HD image. I really regret that I didnt try to do so I got a friend give me his software to try. First I installed the OS which is Win2000. installation is smooth. Only few devices driver didnt been found( I can see those in the device manager), I try my best to search the drive here and there still miss 2 device driver(the computer is old ) and Win2000 didnt say which 2 device exactly. One of 2 is "unknow" the other is something about USB. But the computer works good. Then I started to install the softeware my friend gave me. The software asked new installation or re-installation, I chose new installation( I replaced a new hard drive already ) . The installation went smooth. however after installation complete and computer restart, I got this message say the dynamic link libirary CMemMan.dll could not been found and FF1394LAB.dll could not been found. And software stop starting. Nothing can go further just like the attach picture I also attached a pic to show the software interface which I want to install to find and install on the new replaced Hard drive in LPC. Thanks agian for the help.
  10. tom008

    software question

    And I forgot to mention that I dont have scanner. Its printer only work flow.
  11. tom008

    software question

    To be honest, I dont know what is FDIA software, FE software, D20 and C4/C5. Its so confused. I have an computer running Photo Image controller 2.6. I guess this is server and it is running good now. I have an computer as the image edited machine and LPC. I dont touch the computer running Photo Image controller 2.6 everyday except turn it on and turn it off. Its like this machine running as background software. Once I finished editing image the data will be output. And the prints will come out of the Frontier 375. In LPC there was a software named "Ezmain". There are four options like pre-opretional check, print, post-opratinal check, maintenance. in the software. The problem is the hard drive in LPC damaged, so the LPC stopped working. I replaced a new hard drive already and figuring that if I can find Ezmain and reinstall it. the LPC may be back to work. Thank you for your reply. The attachment is the look of the "Photo Image controller 2.6" this machine is running fine, Since the LPC is broken I dont have screenshot of that machine
  12. tom008

    software question

    HI everyone, I have an frontier 375. This machine connected to LPC by fire wire cable and the LPC connected with an PIC and another computer running as imaging editing machine by lan cable. Few days ago the hard drive in LPC was crushed. Now the LPC stop working. There was an software called Ezmain installed in the computer, OS software is Win 2000. I have a recovery of the Win2000 but I believe I dont have EZmain. Can anyone tell me where I can find "Ezmain" please, also if I can get Ezmain, is there any special setup I need to do. Because its basically like reinstall the system. The PIC computer runs okay and the software in PIC is PIC v2.6 runs on Win Xp , Thank you for your help and excuse for my English.
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