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  1. this is the situation: MS01 v 4.2 installed in windows XP , I buy a Firewire card IEEE1394a 100,200,400Mbps and naturally Frontier 370
  2. ok actually I prefere work with frontier 370 . Make the Change at the PC WINXP and connect directly at Frontier 370 without SP-2000
  3. hi, cristina i wont to directly connect Frontier 375 with MS01 (i will want  install Windows 7 32bit) without scanner SP-2000.  can u help me?


  4. everybody help me to setup MS01 print direct with 370 (without SP2000)
  5. hI, somebody help me please? I have a SP2000 broke (scanner fujifilm) , can I bypass it and connect MS01 whit Frontier 370???
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