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  1. thank you very much, I'll give it a try
  2. Hi, I have already changed the 2 heads, but head 4 has a problem and I have to try to clean it so I don't have to change it, can you tell me which one is head 4 in the photo I have doubts.
  3. Won't a lot of ink come out when trying to remove the top of the printhead?
  4. I see, thank you very much, I will try to do it, I have here two heads that I bought in aliexpress, I will try to put it.
  5. I do see it, but I don't see option 0325.
  6. and that menu where it is I can't find it anywhere
  7. I can't find menu 0325, where is it?
  8. Sorry for taking so long, only half of yellow does not print well on the two heads. I'm going to try everything he tells me, thank you very much.
  9. mait

    dx100 service manual

    Hola necitas solo el software?
  10. I have a fault on the dl 650 and wanted to change the head, is there any software to remove the ink and make the adjustments later.
  11. Tengo una avería en la dl 650 y quería intentar cambiar el cabezal, sabe alguien si existe algún software para quitar la tinta y poder hacer los ajustes luego.
  12. mait

    dx100 service manual

    Alguien tiene el software de servicio de D700 y DX100?
  13. Hola necesito el software de servicio de estas dos impresoras D700 y DX100 creo que es necesario para poder hacer el cambio del cabezal.
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