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  1. Hi everyone, I recently bought an SP500 and have all the necessary software for it (IC III and Frontier Manager Controller, MS01 v3.0, MS11 for SP500), however I believe I might be installing it incorrectly and would like some guidance in doing it properly. I want to run it as a stand alone scanner (just scan and export to desktop). I'm running it on a Windows XP VM and restored the base setup using a ghost file from the IC III disc. I installed MS01 and selected MS01 with Scanner Support and then installed MS11. Everything installed fine, however I keep getting an error after inserting a negative ( "A communication error occured between Imaging Controller and CTL circuit boards.") and under the Printing section of the scanner software, there is no option for "Export to PIC". Only "Printing with Film" is displayed. Can anyone please help me out? Also wondering if there's anyway to prevent all the other Fuji software from running in the background (Panda, Order Screen, etc). Thanks
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