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  1. I come with completations... i've made the test printer from the frontier pc and work perfect... the paper had all the alphabet letters on it. Everything works ... but on the pictures that i print there is no back print... this is very strange ...
  2. the back print it's enalbed... and i think it works if on the calibration page prints corectly... The date on the picture works too... but printing on the back of the picture no... I've attached some picture with the settings... maybe i do something wrong...
  3. Hello i have a strange problem with the ribbons... When I give them to print on the back of the pictures - nothing prints, but on the back of the calibration paper it works perfect, the date printing on the front of the photos works perfect. I tried to reinstal the software and the same result everything works but the photos back print.... I've a crazy client that wants the print monday in the morning with the number in the back... have anyone had this problem ? or have any ideea how to solve it..
  4. I have a problem that came from nothing... my frontier started to print with a white line on... i tried to blow with an compressor for dust but nothing changed. Any ideea whats happing ? I wonder if not the rubber around the laser clapet broke and it's covering a part of the exposer place... sorry for my bad english
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