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  1. Hi, I need to process bunch of slide films. Is there any machine that is capable of processing slide films?
  2. Hi, I'm starting film developing business sooner or later. So I am considering noritsu qsf-v30 model and fuji fp363sc model. I found that many labs are currently using noritsu developer. I wonder why... is it because of convenience in using it? I'd like to ask you which one is the best choice for me.
  3. Hi, I'm considering getting FP363SC on ebay. I wonder it works for 120mm and 135mm.
  4. Now that the interest of using films for photos is increasing, what is the most recent product for film development? I know noritsu qsf-v30 series... what else do you know?
  5. I know that noritsu doesn't produce any more film processing product. But what is the latest minilab for film processing?
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