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  1. I'm using stand-alone sp-3000. I found this mark in every frame.. I can't figure out since when it started happening. I found out that this only happens when I use NC100AY carrier... when I scanned the same strips with MFC carrier, there's no mark. Anyone who has experienced similar problem???
  2. @Minilab service Thanks for your advice! How do I check the processor rotating? If you're talking the status on the LCD screen. I haven't checked it ;;; . Maybe I should try that next time. "Did processor stopped to rotate? If not then missing circulation should't effect 5 frames." from what you said, you mean it shouldn't be just 5 frames? you mean it would be a whole film?
  3. Hi, guys While processing films in the v30, “Circulation pump stopped” occurred at all pumps. Does it affect to the films in the machine?? I found some blanks(like 5 frames) in the middle of the film. I wonder if it’s because of error. Waiting for your advice.
  4. @TECNOR Can you send me ??? depthink@naver.com Big thanks!!
  5. Hi, I'm recently using SP-3000 for my rolls. I wonder how I change the default setting for order Id which is basically "A". I explored the whole menu but I couldn't find it.
  6. Hi, I just got negative sleeve cutter for my lab. But once I pull the bar for cutting the film. The sleeve roll pulls down endlessly. I guess it has something to do with the setting by adjusting "sleeve adv. sleeve mark" on the machine. But I'm still confused with the setting. Please help me!! Thanks
  7. Hi, I just got FNCI 201 in my hand. When I first got it, it worked perfectly well. But since I changed the strip setting from 4 to 6 and pulled down the bar on the left to cut the film. It started to make beeping sound and it didn't stop. So I tried the original setting but it still doesn't work.... Anyone who knows this situation??? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I'm super newbie as a v30 user. I just mixed chemicals and pour them into the machine(Kodak flexicolor). In order to keep the chemicals as fresh as possible, I'm doing my best to use films. In that way, I have some expired slid films so I'd like use them. What I'm concerned about is that chemical is okay with cross processing. I'm guessing that the chemicals in the machine is affected by chemicals over the slide film. ;;;; Is it too much concern?or This is something that I should never do? Thanks for your advice.
  9. Hi, I need to process bunch of slide films. Is there any machine that is capable of processing slide films?
  10. Hi, I'm starting film developing business sooner or later. So I am considering noritsu qsf-v30 model and fuji fp363sc model. I found that many labs are currently using noritsu developer. I wonder why... is it because of convenience in using it? I'd like to ask you which one is the best choice for me.
  11. Hi, I'm considering getting FP363SC on ebay. I wonder it works for 120mm and 135mm.
  12. Now that the interest of using films for photos is increasing, what is the most recent product for film development? I know noritsu qsf-v30 series... what else do you know?
  13. I know that noritsu doesn't produce any more film processing product. But what is the latest minilab for film processing?
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