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  1. Hi.I need any version of ez controller with dongle, which is compatible with windows10, bme.moradi@yahoo.com. Thank you very much in advance
  2. Hello good time There is no solution for washing and washing the tank bf -cd
  3. Hi I recently bought a Noritsu 3701 device and wanted to tell me the difference between a custom profile and a Noritsu profile. If the difference is significant, introduce the best and most suitable device for making a custom profile.Thank you for your help
  4. tanks minilab service for your help.i'll do it. Thanks again.
  5. tanks dave S for your tips. i am gona check that out .
  6. Hi shutter. Thank you for your help. I have several magazines, the others have no problem. Even these magazines have no problem when I print 4 x 6. Only when I print 8 x 6 more than one I have this problem in some cases. For example, 10 good prints, but one have this problem. If I could only print in the middle row, the problem would be solved Because only one line of printer get tricky
  7. Hi I have a 2901 device. When I print a 5 * 7 and 8 x 6 color, brown stripes appear on the pictures. I don't have this problem when I print only one photo. Only photos on one side have a problem. Thanks for helping me
  8. hi i have 2901 nuritsu but recovery disk is lost . number of my pc is PC-NRT-5a .please help me
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