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  1. Xico

    print problems fuji 350

    can you tell me how or help me check the aom? thanks
  2. Xico

    print problems fuji 350

    hi now the color yellow to disappeared I read other post, and they said the aom drivers maybe failing can you help me, how do I check the aom? to test if these are failing I upload an image thanks
  3. i everyone i have this problem, the black color looks blue and lost the contrast, and yellow doesn't look degraded the photos look opaque, and the black/white yellow. do you know why this hapenns? what can I do? thanks
  4. Xico

    dx100 service manual

    hi, I tried to send you a private message, but say you can't receive messages, I need service and manual utility, thanks
  5. Xico

    dx 100 failure

    hi i have a problem with the dx100 when i turn it on all the leds flash and in the error window just says "contact service" thanks for your helps
  6. Xico

    sepia tone yellow tone

    How do I make the grey test adjustment?
  7. Xico

    sepia tone yellow tone

    hi I have a problem when I print in black and white in fuji 350 yellow tone around black clothes, and white clothes with sepia tone in black / white photos I appreciate your answers
  8. Xico

    dx100 service manual

    hi do you now where I can find the service manual for dx100? thanks
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