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  1. Printing pure black and white pictures on Fujifilm DX100 is not easy. B&W always have Cyan or Pink Gradation. Is it possible to print using only the Black and White toner?
  2. Hi are you sure the mainboard is broken? maybe just need to reinstall the firmware or try to backup a NVRAM data
  3. It's very strange...so could be the sensor of the machine that is broken but it's a very very difficult possibility that it could been damaged...i have 8 DX100 from 2015 and this never happened. Try with Air Spray on the sensor or remove the right cover of the machine and try to connect-reconnect the sensor connector. This happened to me with the connector of power button...i fixed just connectes/reconnected
  4. Just try another maintanance tool...maybe its chip is damaged. Are you using original ink cartridges? I remember when i used not original ink cartridges the chips gave me problem...for example i put Pink and i got error on Pink and Sky Blue or in Maintanance tool.
  5. Yes the high costs of service and parts especially the print head it's a problem. When some costumers give me a good amount of photos to print and they dnt need to have them immediatly i usually print them out in lab. Btw my supplier told me the new Epson DL800 print head is guaranteed until 200.000 prints...
  6. I have 8 Fuji Dx100...i can say there are "lucky" and "unlucky" printers...it's important to use only original ink and my main printer (with an avarage of 600-700 daily prints) is the one that never have daily clogging. A printer that did just around 10 prints daily got print head broken at 15.000 prints. But for me that i had a wetlab Gretag with no service available and cannot find parts, the dx100 is a dream. I also spend less money in energy costs per years ( around 2.000 euro )
  7. Crappy? Why? Wich printer do u recomend?
  8. I think you can but you must change his firmware with a fuji dx100 firmware
  9. Rourke84

    sepia tone yellow tone

    i don't know exactly on fuji 350, i had Gretag minilab but all the minilabs must have a grey test calibration with densitometer or something similar. Call the Fuji Service they will tell you
  10. Rourke84

    sepia tone yellow tone

    just do the grey test adjusment i think
  11. i also print by Windows, for cut photos in a very easy and fast way use the free software http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/ crop the pictures in the size you wanna print, save and then print. it's also very helpful cause Photoshop cannot open pictures sent by whatsapp android.
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