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  1. I strongly think it's bad chemical. You must throw away all the chemicals inside the tanks, clean everything and put new chemicals (you need the starter chemical as well). It's important to respect the straight ratio between starter and nee chemicals.
  2. If the problem it's just the rollers you are lucky. it's very easy to replaced them, but i think it's not easy to find.
  3. Mmm mine i think it had Gretag property film scanner. This one
  4. Yes i printed the first digital images with Performa Vario, they had a very bad quality. Netprinter had a good quality and i think good quality parts as well, it didnt make me crazy and i didnt need to call technicians a lot of times. Masterplus was newer, so better print quality and a great software, but i think it was made with very cheap parts. I got broken parts inside the rack monthly, 3 times engine broken, the foam rubber rolls inside the heater completely ruined after 2 years. Sorter and Pumps broken after 1 year. A paper distribution belt often falled down.The mirrors system inside was called SPES and if i remember well was made by an American company. So I got the belt of Spes broken, the technician needs 2 days for replaced it. If you needed to reinstall the software you must had all the parts working, if not the installation was aborted. It was a nightmare, but it reached almost 2.000.000 prints. you remember wich kind of film scanner was plugged in?
  5. Yes i usually had gretag in my studio. Performa vario 1012, Netprinter 812 and Masterplus. That was a terrible experience cause after the bankrupt of San Marco (in 2008 i think) it was very difficult to find parts and technicians. If someone needs i still have the manuals and installation CD and ZIP floppy somewhere for this models.
  6. Omg is it still working?? I think this model was made in 1995
  7. Try darkroom, MS01, or Epson order controller...there are many others
  8. E-9901 is a generic hardware error (can be a piece of paper inside or something else) cannot reset with the service software
  9. convert it in jpg. there are a lot of free software that can do that.
  10. Rourke84


    yes i tell to the costumers about quality..i have Gretag Minilab actually stopped, i can turn on.
  11. Rourke84


    I have a costumer with around 200 hundred APS, i just noticed that my labs don't develop APS anymore. Is there any (possibly cheap) way to develop by myself and then scan the film?
  12. Rourke84

    Frontier DX100

    Remember that PH of Dx100 can reach around 80.000 prints
  13. Rourke84

    Frontier DX100

    Try to change all the inks cartridge and recovery tank, all new and original fujifilm. Do a piece of paper with Photoshop with shades of Blue/Cyan then print it around 50 times 13x18. Try 4-5 times normal cleaning and then 1 or 2 power cleaning. If this doens't fix the issue you must change the PH. I higly recomend to use only original fuji cartridges, not originals damage the PH (i used before and i had clogged daily, with originals not).
  14. I had the same problem on Gretag Minilab, it happened that the first 2 rolls on the top of the rack after some months due to high temperature increased their volume and due to more attriction between them and the crossover they scratched the photos. That usually happened on the Bleach Rack. I changed that 2 rolls with brand new and it worked ok. Also try to clean with hot water the crossver it could be some wheels that don't spin good due to incrustation.
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