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  1. You've wrote at Thursday, that you send it, because that i've written. At this moment i have Win7 at the computer. If it not work, i can install Win XP. Thank you very much! This machine is for a few passport photos in a small shop of a good friend. She will make this since about 40 years and she is old and in 3 to 5 years she will close this shop forever. I's not worth buying a new device. Thank for your help.
  2. Can you send it as an email or upload it. Thank you.
  3. Have anybody a noritsu driver for the IP-64, please.
  4. I have installed the dr150 driver, but it's not working with the ip-64. Any idea?
  5. Hi, i Need Drivers for the NORITSU IP-64. Is it working under WIN 10? If not, i can install another os. Where can i download a Driver? I will not use the Kiosk Software, so i have to install the Driver. please help me. Thank you. Torsten
  6. Hi, it woll be used only to make passport Photos. Is this possible? How many cost and how we can do this?
  7. Hi, i have an old CT-EU station with it's KIOSK software. After a harddisk crash i've installed the software and now it want to activate. But nobody want to do support! :( What can i do?
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