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  1. Thank you very much, you are always kind
  2. I found that the four circulations pumps are not working
  3. FujiFilm Frontier550 starts with these errors E-2625.E-2626.E-2627.W-2647。 I cleaned the heater and circulation pump and still ca n’t solve it Can anyone help me? Thanks
  4. Valencia

    FE S3 software

    I only need S3-1 - Variety Print Software. Do you have it? What price?
  5. Valencia

    FE S3 software

    My S3 is broken. Who can give me this software. thank you very much Or exchange, I have S7 and TEMPLETE_EDITING_TOOL My email: retiro888@yahoo.es
  6. Valencia


    I am very sorry, I am using an English translation.
  7. Valencia


    我的S3坏了。谁能给我这个软件。非常感谢 或交换,我有S7和TEMPLETE_EDITING_TOOL 我的邮箱:retiro888@yahoo.es
  8. Valencia

    s9 fmpc

    thank you very much I know this password 7777. I want to ask if the FMPC is the same as the MS01. To enable support mode, log out and enter "5u990rtm0d3". When you want to return to operator mode - log out and enter the password "operator"
  9. Valencia

    s9 fmpc

    Ask for S9 FMPC to log in with support mode? Thank you
  10. Thank you However, it was previously possible to install on a CD. Why can't I install it with USB?
  11. The CD is not found, it is USB.
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