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  1. I have the machine fuji frontier 550, the PWR23 PCB has a damage. My friend has a fuji frontier 570, is the PWR23 PCB of his machine compatible with mine? -
  2. Hello Is the PWR23 PCB of Frontier550 and Frontier570 common?
  3. Valencia


    我需要帮助 由于S2已重新安装,请订购。现在无法连接到S2。 S2的计算机名称:FE-FRONTEND, 我想知道计算机名称是否错误? 非常感谢你
  4. I found that the four circulations pumps are not working
  5. FujiFilm Frontier550 starts with these errors E-2625.E-2626.E-2627.W-2647。 I cleaned the heater and circulation pump and still ca n’t solve it Can anyone help me? Thanks
  6. Valencia

    FE S3 software

    I only need S3-1 - Variety Print Software. Do you have it? What price?
  7. Valencia

    FE S3 software

    My S3 is broken. Who can give me this software. thank you very much Or exchange, I have S7 and TEMPLETE_EDITING_TOOL My email: retiro888@yahoo.es
  8. Valencia


    I am very sorry, I am using an English translation.
  9. Valencia


    我的S3坏了。谁能给我这个软件。非常感谢 或交换,我有S7和TEMPLETE_EDITING_TOOL 我的邮箱:retiro888@yahoo.es
  10. Valencia

    s9 fmpc

    thank you very much I know this password 7777. I want to ask if the FMPC is the same as the MS01. To enable support mode, log out and enter "5u990rtm0d3". When you want to return to operator mode - log out and enter the password "operator"
  11. Valencia

    s9 fmpc

    Ask for S9 FMPC to log in with support mode? Thank you
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