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  1. This is a fresh install of MS01. And is working fine. Are there any settings I can change to do the following. Lower the wait time after a job appears in MS01 from MS13 until is is sent of processing/printing. This is around a 2-3 min delay right now. Right now I send it a job via MS13 and the job appear in the list within 10-20sec. Then it wait is state "Ready" for about 2-3min before starting to process and print. Can I set it so all the sizes on one image in a order come out together. I want image1 8x10, image1 5x7, image2 8x10, image2 5x7 Right now it is printing image1 8x10, image2 8x10, image1 5x7, image2 5x7. so all the same sizes come out together. I want all the copies of a image to come out together no matter the size. I know it is slower, but it saves alot on the bagging process.
  2. I am printing with the hotfolder MS13 for MS01. When the job appears on the main MS01 screen is just stays there for 1-2 min before is is processed and printed. Is there a way I can change this to instant or so 5-10 seconds? Right now the job is waiting longer than it takes to print it. Also If I have a job with multiple images each using a different size paper the images do not come out together. The prints come out batched by size. All the 10in prints then all the 5in. Is there a way to make it where all the prints for image1 print together and all image2 prints together? I have a MS01 manual, but it seems like none of the settings are explained in what they do.
  3. I have figured this out. To disconnect the sorter without getting a error you also have to remove the long print ejection unit on the back. It seems they are a kit and can only be used together. If you do want to remove the sorter, but keep the long print ejection unit then you have to remove the sorter pcb and the conveyor motor and harness from the sorter. If you have just the harness to the sorter pcb and only the conveyor motor connect it will trick the machine that it is attached.
  4. I tried the firmware update when installing the utility, but that did not work. Still give the same error when booting up the printer. Does the Long Paper Ejection Unit have to be disconnected also?
  5. I am using Maintenance utility System Software 3.0 I have disabled the sorter menu 012. I shut down the printer and unplug the sorter cable for the back of the printer. When I turn the printer back on I get Error W-6101. When I click OK on the error the printer reboots and comes back with the same error. In the Manual it says Error W-6101 is "Sorter connection error" The Sorter Motor is not detected. To resolve it it says 1. Check if the Sorter Motor is installed properly. 2. Check the connection between the Sorter Motor and the Sorter Relay Board. 3. Replace the Sorter Motor with a new one. (P. 343) 4. Replace the encoder cable between the Conveyer Motor and the Sorter Relay Board with a new one. 5. Replace the Mecha Controller Board with a new one. (P. 163) 6. Replace the Sorter Relay Board with a new one. (P. 352) I just want to remove the whole sorter! Do I need to Enable the sorter and then disconnect it? Or am I missing something else.
  6. I have a DL650, but I have no use for the sorter and would like to remove it from the machine to free up space. I have used the maintenance utility to disable the sorter, but when I disconnect the server the DL650 gives me a error on bootup saying that the sorter is not connected. It will not let me move past this error. It forces the printer to reboot and I get the same error.
  7. Did you ever figure out the problem? I too am using HotFolder to print and I get 3 different results with (Hotfolder CMS ON), (Hotfolder CMS OFF), and EZ Controller Print. I have looked at everything i can see in the print channel in EZ controller, but the prints come out green and dark when useing EZ controller. The prints look much better using the Hotfolder. CMS On seems to add some contrast. I would love to figure out what is going on so I could get the color to match using both meathods.
  8. I have a QSS Green 2 and I was trying to figure out how to create a custom icc profile for the Kodak Drylab Luster paper for it. I have no idea how to print something without any profile applied, so I can print a custom chart from i1Profiler. I have tried the the TYPE_018_02(IJ-1) profile from Profile Vol 3 4.81. It looks good for Noritsu paper, but it is missing something on the Kodak paper. Also the skin tones seem to be much cooler than I am used to seeing on other printers.
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