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  1. YLP

    FR550R/570 PS Water

    Check the operation of the circulation pumps of the stabilizer tanks and also the flow of the water reinforcement pumps.
  2. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    I increased the intensity of the red laser, left it close to the limit. Let's see if you still accuse the error.
  3. Opa, tudo bem? Poste em inglês pois tem pessoas muito entendidas por aqui. É de qual estado? E-LP-2876 LDD circuit board power source abnormal. Shut down the scanner with emergency stop button and restart it. If problems persist, consult your technical representative. Factor Interlock power supply (+12V) error detection (Cause of the error message) IL+12V power not supplied to LDD27 circuit board Actions Check IL+12V system and replace the LDD27 circuit board. Aparentemente é um problema na linha 12 da placa LDD27 Apparently it is a problem in the 12v line of the LDD27 board
  4. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    What settings?
  5. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    What would that connection module be?
  6. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    Hello, I currently use the S2 3.0-0E-501 software on Win Xp 32-bit I took a hard drive to try to install MS01 on Win 7 32-bit, I did everything following the manual but the Frontier 500 is not recognized. What do I have to do to make this happen? I did not find in the menus where I register the Lp5000 with the ip as it has in the S2 software.
  7. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    Okay, but when the error occurs I can go to the Menus without saying "ok" on the Lp-2529 error screen?
  8. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    Hello, thank you very much for your help. As soon as error 2529 occurs, should I go to menu 0542, 0543 and 0549 printscreen for analysis?
  9. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    I'm uploading the images, if I need others I will upload them. I changed the laser in January 2019, this problem happened twice in April and then came back in September. So I sent it to whoever I bought it and you can see that it moved in intensity. But later it happened again.
  10. YLP

    Frontier 500 error E-LP-2529

    Hello, I'll check on the red laser. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm having this error E-LP-2529 sometimes. There are days that work perfectly as if nothing is wrong, but there are days that this error occurs and the paper comes out exit blue. So I turn it off and on again and it works without happening for a few days or it happens again on the same day, it's very unpredictable. What could be happening? Do I have to take screenshots analyze? Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm talking to a technician to perform the repair, I'm from Brazil.
  13. That's what I feared ... Does it have repair? It´s a problem in the integrated circuit
  14. I performed this test, the voltage arrives correctly.
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