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  1. Hello. Please tell me what should I do to receive an image to restore my Konica minilab computer? Thank you
  2. hello. I'm still waiting your help. Thanks
  3. Hello. I know the topic is very old. I just want to know if the problem with the software R1 DP1000 Konica has been solved because I currently have the same problem. I have a minilab computer (installed on Linux) and a workstation (installed on Windows XP). The workstation with Windows XP work very well but the Hard Disk with the Linux installation died. So, I need the software cd for konika R1 DP-1000 or 2000 (I don’t know) linux redhat or an image files made using Norton Ghost or other to recover HD on minilab computer. I unfortunately lost all original softwares and the images (Backup) after a move. Please I need help. Thanks
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