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  1. Hello everyone, after a long time I managed to get my Frontier 570 to work, but after sending the calibration of the paper, it prints me this way, but if I send pictures if they turn out well, although the color is bad because I cannot calibrate. I have changed the RAM and also disassembled the AD300 densitometer to clean it.
  2. Hello, today I tested the battery installed in the gpr23 and it only provides 2.8 volts with the machine on, should I change the battery, or the whole gpr23 board? I have also noticed something, when the frontier 570 was turned on before, a sound like a "clack" was heard, I suppose from some relay, but now it is not heard. It is very difficult for me to test PCB card, and I would like to go to the insurance if I have to buy some because its very high price.
  3. Hello, can you give me your email and I will give you some manuals of the 570 that I have, it is almost the same.
  4. Thanks for your answer, I already put another RAM, but the problem remains the same
  5. Hi Minilab service, thanks for your reply. I have checked the power sources, everything seems fine. Unfortunately, in my country -Guatemala- there are only 1 more Frontier 580 kms away. It is almost impossible to test the cards, I must tell you that this error occurred some times, after discounting the electricity, it restarted well, but there was a day that it did not restart. The battery in the image box card has 2.73 volts, could be the cause of the problem?
  6. Hi everyone. I have a Frontier 570, yesterday I turned it on and it did not start, I disconnected it and it worked fine, then it started but it froze several times, I had to disconnect it. Today I turned it on again and it does not start, in any way, I already cleaned the CTL23 and the GMC23, everything seems fine, but the machine does not start in any way. 40e7f4d8-ce63-47dd-8542-fcba27993e50.jfif
  7. I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve something?
  8. Hi, i need the long print software for Fujifilm Frontier 570. Do you have?
  9. Resolvimos está situación obteniendo un emisor infrarrojo de un viejo control remoto de televisión y lleva 2 años funcionando de maravilla, en la entrada justo antes del tanque de P1
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