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  1. Yes We've got A1 installed but not the correct version for standalone use. You cant scan tiff files with A1? Only with FE and MS?
  2. Hi, What software pack would you reccomend? I only want to use the sp2000 to scan film and nothing else. Is there a big difference between the different software choices?
  3. I'm a big beginner with these kind of scanners. I already looked at different topics, but i'm still not really sure if i get it. Would love to get some help! I've got a sp2000 without server pc and without software cd's, but I would love to get it running standalone. The scanner pc is running 7.7-0E-300. I understand that this isn't the correct version to run the scanner in standalone mode? Which version do i need? I also read that I would be needing c4/c5 on both scanner and server pc. What does this software do?
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