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  1. Hello!! i solved it .. the problem was the 15 volt power supply and the PCB (LASER) output interface board ... Thank you all for the help !!
  2. already did. change IM cards. change the process board. clean them. and still I get the same error ...
  3. it gives me these errors IMAGEN PROCESSING PCB (EXPANDED MEMORY) NO GOOD... imagen correction PCB / imagen processing PCB / expanded memoey PCB LASER CONTROL PCB. NO GOOD. imagen processing PCB / composite memory PCB / flat cable / output interface pcb / LVDS cable / laser control PCB 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  4. Hi. I have a noritsu qss 3111. the initial problem was that I printed the photos with stripes, it seemed static. Now the photos come out in black. totally black. the control strip comes out with colored frames .. what can it be ??
  5. Yes, I solved it. change arcnet card. where all the ARCNET connections go.
  6. I have communication problems with the optical fibers. Help
  7. Software ver. 7.7 lp2000 yes, check the 3 aom
  8. Nor does it print from the menu. I did several tests, including opening the laser in the dark to see if the guns worked well. and if they all turned on. connected with fmpc. I thought there would be problems with the shutter ... but it still worked well I did tests from the setup ...
  9. It doesn't give any error. Print one photo well, another blank. then when sending more photos print directly in white.
  10. ClauG

    Fuji 370 no magent

    I have a fuji 370, it doesn't print the magenta color, it doesn't make me an error. I exchanged the aom ... what else can I do?
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