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  1. I have a SP500 running on an XP virtual machine using the S2 software, but lately have been considering upgrading to the MS software (MS1 + MS11), but I'm unsure what the differences are, other than MS running on Windows 7. Are there any advantages to the new software? Are there any improvements to scan quality or functionality?
  2. Just to update: It was indeed a software issue. I'm running the S2 software in a virtual machine on a Mac and upgrading to the latest Operating System (Catalina) prevented the scanner from communicating with the computer properly (possibly because Mac OS dropped 32-bit support). It wasn't immediately obvious to me that this was the problem because the scanner kept working for a while after upgrading.
  3. I tried that. However, I just uninstalled and reinstalled the default driver Windows finds. Is there a different driver I should be installing? Is there someone here that could send me the driver?
  4. Yes, I can see the scanner in the device manager. I don't have a cd actually, I just got a virtual machine with the software when I bought the scanner. When first connecting it to my Virtual Machine it asked me to install the drivers using the standard windows driver interface and it successfully installed them and was working without issue afterwards. I uninstalled the driver from the device manager and reinstalled it as well. Could windows be installing the wrong driver? Can I find the right driver anywhere online?
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I have tried reinstalling the software altogether as well as the driver to no avail. I've also tried different cables, USB ports without success. Can I troubleshoot this issue any further? Does the repair involve replacing the whole circuit board?
  6. My SP500 is currently giving me this error. Has anybody experienced something similar and know of a solution. I opened it up and un- and replugged some cables, since it figured it might be a loose cable or something. It started briefly working again, but a day later the error reappeared again. Is there a software diagnostic option that goes into more detail to help me figure out what component exactly is responsible or maybe a service manual that would let me figure out how to resolve the issue?
  7. surviving, I'd also be interested in the SP500 if it's still available. Please send me a message
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