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  1. I changed the scanner to another used S-2. It came with a 135/240AFC-II. Just did a light source update and it works fine. Pictures are crytal clear and sharp, no blur. We have not yet inserted other AFC-s into the scanner (like 120 or 135 slide AFC). What should I do with them? Just light source update or area registration first?
  2. Thanks, but If I get the old scanner repaired and put it back again to use than a backup might be useful, or not?
  3. When I swap the S-2 Scanner with the other S-2 Scanner on Wednesday, what should I do to thest it? I will backup everything before doing the swap.
  4. Thanks, great to have this info, but without a picture or drawing I don't know where these connections are. That is my problem the first place. Best regards.
  5. Bought another S-2 scanner today, will have it here on wednesday, I will do the swap and then the lod one has to be repaired. I wanted to check cable connections on it, not repair a PCB but this can wait now. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for this info, however if I don't have a diagram how the whole system looks like I don't know which board is which. I would need a diagram to see which PCB is where, where are the cables located, where are the connectors You mentioned. I don't have a service engineer here that I can call to get it repaired. I have to do it myself. I am screwed anyway, if dust goes into the scanner than thats it, I don't have a working unit that I have to use every day. So I am screwed anyway, would need help in the form of a diagram. Thanks!
  7. Dear Mr. Davidlam, are You in posession of the wiring diagram, schematics?
  8. I don't know at the moment. We are closed today. We could cure it for weeks with get the iris motor moved in the menu where one can also move the zoom motors. Now it's not moving any more, because we have "clean the magnetic AFC error" (or similar) as well, I guess the iris motor is stuck and it does not let enough light in.. We had to change LED light source 3 months ago, now this. Still would like to have some schematics. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the S-2 Scanner? Or schematics how it looks on the inside? Wiring diagram 89000 would be a good start. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, where is the iris motor located, how can You repair it? Is there a schematic photo or manual how the scanner looks like inside? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I would like to rewire the arcnet with new optical cable. What are the exact specification of these type of cables? I'd like to make sure to buy the correct ones. Any info on this is much appreciated. Best regards!
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